Valentine’s for Little’uns

As a child, picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day card to give to friends was a very exciting, but critical, moment. When narrowing a row of boxed cards down to one, there were countless factors to consider, such as color and character, glitter or no glitter, candy or no candy, and what game was provided on the back as an activity. It was serious business, and one that could not be rushed (or so my mother discovered after an endless afternoon of wandering the card aisles with me, my brother, and my sister).
Fun times! 🙂

I honestly haven’t given much thought to children’s Valentine’s over the past years but was more than thrilled when Card Store reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their children’s school valentine’s line!

First off, let me start at the very beginning and tell you just how convenient it is to order Valentine cards online from the comfort of your own home. It is convenient! My mind kept going back to those good-old-days, when my mom tried to keep track of three hyper children in search of the perfect valentine.
To be honest, when I placed my order, I was sitting on my living room couch and wearing flannel pajamas and fuzzy slippers.

The cards arrived in the mail just a few days later, and I was thrilled with how they had turned out. There had been 31 designs to choose from (making it easy to find something for any personality or age), and all were able to be personalized. The quality was great, as the photo’s I uploaded printed well and the colors were vibrant and fun.

Valentine Cards 018

Honestly, the only thing that I think could be improved was the fact that the sheets were not perforated. (I’m just being picky here). A paper cutter would easily divide the sheet into four valentines; or if you’re like me and you can’t find your cutter, just use a ruler and an x-acto knife. 😉

I thought that it would be fun to add an extra special touch to the cards, so I took a quick trip to the store and found some very inexpensive craft supplies from Target and Jo-Ann Fabrics. (Target’s dollar bin is a great place to do some craft bargain-shopping, and Jo-Ann’s constantly has 40% off sales on its holiday and craft supplies).

Valentine Cards 015

And I honestly don’t ever need much of an excuse to restock my craft bin! 🙂

I thought that these pink framed valentines would go well with a silk flower glued to one of the corners. I found adorable, paper flowers at Jo-Ann’s for only $1.20 per package of twelve! I love how they give the valentine a vintage look.

Valentine Cards 023

For the animal valentines, I knew that I wanted bow-ties or hats to dress up the little guys in time for their valentine festivities. Also at Joanne’s for $1.20, I found these whimsical bow-ties, and I think they add an adorable touch!

Valentine Cards 030

The dollar section at Target had star and heart stickers, which were perfect for adding sparkles to a few of the valentines. Because who doesn’t like sparkles, am I right?

Valentine Cards 033

I also found some gems that were perfect for princess crowns and wands, in addition to rocket and spaceship lights.

Valentine Cards 038

Of course, if you’re looking to add an extra special treat, it’s easy and inexpensive to add a surprise to the valentine! I took my x-acto knife and easily added two parallel slits onto the valentine. I then slid a lollypop through the slit and Ta-dah! You can do this to the portrait valentine’s or be extra creative and make it look as though one of the characters is holding the candy!

Valentine Cards 036

I also did this to pencils that I found in the dollar section of Target.

Valentine Cards 026

Stop, please, there is just too much cuteness for this one blog post to handle!

Of course, at the end of the day, the valentines are absolutely adorable just by themselves, so you may end up not wanting to do a thing to them. 🙂

Valentine Cards 040

Yes, it’s officially Valentine cuteness overload! 🙂
Sooooo, which valentine is your favorite?

Valentine Cards 046

Check out Card Store’s School Valentine’s Link for more information on ordering your own!

(Also, a special ‘thank you’ to my Pastor’s adorable kids for being the cutest Valentine’s Day models ever). 🙂


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