Date Night – A Visit to the Toy Store

When you’re a couple that’s basically living on one salary, you have to be creative with your date-nights. My friends with children assure us that it only gets worse down the road. 😉 Because at that point in your life, you’re not only broke, but you’re also starting to count bathroom breaks as free time. But that being said, you wouldn’t change a thing, because the pitter-patter of little feet melt your heart in ways you hadn’t dreamed possible.

Nate and I are still in the couples-without-kids category; but thanks to our decision that I should begin to pursue a more part-time career opportunity, I’m teaching a few piano students a week now (as apposed to working full-time as an Accounts Receivable specialist). I love it so much! From the prepping for piano lessons right down to the time I now have to fix a home-cooked meal for dinner, I love every little bit of this change and don’t – for a second – doubt our decision to begin this change early (a.k.a. before we have kids).

But the one thing that could easily be felt as a negative is the sudden income change. Even now, before any kids have entered the picture, there’s a very strict budget to be followed. This isn’t a surprise to us, obviously, as we knew from the onset just how much we were going to be giving up financially. And so as a result, Nate and I have decided to be creative with our ‘dates’ whenever possible, making sure that we’re still having fun together… without having to pull out the wallet everytime we make a memory.

This first ‘date’ actually happened completely by accident, but it was way too fun to not share with all of you. (Although I imagine that this post will result in two separate reactions. Some of you will think this idea is utterly fantastic and fun. And the rest of you will find it utterly and completely ridiculous). 😉

Because one of my friends is having a baby shower in a few weeks, Nate and I found ourselves walking into a children’s toy-store the other day. I had a printout of the registry in my hands. And Nate dragged behind me a bit, completely out of his element and unsure as to how this baby-shopping would work. AND then it happened….

We both took a giant leap down memory lane, suddenly immersed in the toys we had grown up with and the toys we were sure our future children would absolutely adore. It was sensory overload with colors, sounds, gadgets, and gizmo’s a plenty.

Delete 021

“Oh my goodness, it’s a Minion!” I squealed, grabbing the little yellow guy and giving him a squeeze.

“Is that a train set?” Nate gasped, rushing in the opposite direction.

Delete 022

When my mom walked into the store 20 minutes later to pick out her gift for my friend’s shower, Nate and I were like two little kids in a candy store. Or, I guess we were like little two kids in a toy-store. 😉 It had been surprisingly FUN looking at all the toys together. (And I won’t lie, it was fun to walk through the baby section and to dream a little bit about the future too…).

So date idea # 1? Let down the “I’m an adult and should be doing an adultish thing” mentality, grab your special someone, and visit a toy-store together!! You’ll be surprised at how much fun you both might have! 🙂

Delete 023


18 thoughts on “Date Night – A Visit to the Toy Store

  1. Hahahaha! I know what you mean! My best memory of our new york trip was my husband and I rushing towards the minions in the NBC store! And going absolutely bonkers in the M&M store! Oh it’s so much fun being a kid together!

    1. YES, it really is!!!! 🙂 (Ooh, and that M&M store is absolutely amazing. My sister and I visited it for the first time this past summer, and we were in chocolate heaven!). 🙂

  2. I love the minion!! And I think I might want one…haha! 😉

    I think the true testimony of a close friendship is that you’ll always enjoy doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING together.

    1. Well said!!! (To both wanting a Minion and loving to do anything with a true friend… Ha, ha. I definitely think that you and I would probably have fun if let loose in a toystore too). LOL!

    1. I’m ‘pretty’ sure that there was a button to make him talk, now that you say that… I might have to go back in order to confirm for sure though. 😉 There was also an adorable doll of the youngest girls from the cartoons, and she was really cute too. Ha, ha.

    1. It TOTALLY was! I was really shocked, because I had just expected it to be a quick stop at the store to pick up baby items for my friend’s shower. But we actually had a ton of fun just walking around and looking at all the toys! (By the way, toys have come a LONG way since I was a kid. Ha, ha. There were some familiar toys too though, like Chutes and Ladders… and slinkies!).

  3. Awwww I love this! Date nights don’t have to cost a lot for sure. Being kids together and just playing together is so great. That’s part of why being friends with the person you married is so great! 🙂 Also, I so love hearing you talk about daydreaming a bit about babies in the future. That makes me so excited for you guys!

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