Tough Dudes and the Flu

It’s no mystery that men generally don’t handle being sick as well as we women do. Case in point, I had a horrible chest cold a few weeks ago; but life continued as normal. Nate came down with the same chest cold this week, and he convinced himself (and nearly me) that he had picked up a rare disease from our vacation in the tropics. It took a few calls to the doctor and some internet surfing on WebMD for me to realize that my moaning, gasping-for-air hubby wasn’t actually dying.
He just had a case of being sick and being a man.
Simple addition.

In Nate’s defense, however, he rarely gets sick. In fact, in the 5 1/2 years we’ve been married, this was the first time he had come down with a substantial fever. I had only heard the ‘men can’t handle the flu’ tales from more experienced women but had never really experienced it first-hand.

But let me tell you, this week I experienced it first hand. And, well, men can’t handle the flu.

Lean in a little closer though, because I’m about to share a secret with you. I kind of liked taking care of him. And Nate most definitely liked being taken care of. Which led me to my very own discovery…

Men like to be all big, bad, and tough. They’d rather have dry, cracked hands than use lotion; because everyone knows that even unscented lotion is girly. They refuse to take a hot bath, no matter how badly their body aches. They’ll walk on the roof to fix the leak, no matter how high and scary. And they’ll take the job to support the family, even if it means mental and physical stress.

But at the end of the day, he can’t say ‘no’ to a cool hand on his forehead, when he’s feeling feverish. The mugs of steaming, homemade chicken stew make him feel all warm inside. And he loves to be checked on every-so-often with an extra blanket, a cool glass of ginger-ale, or a simple, “I love you and hope you feel better soon”.

Because although he might not want to admit it, your big, bad, tough guy loves being taken care of, when he isn’t feeling so great. So it makes me wonder… Maybe it’s not that guys can’t handle being sick, as much as they’re afraid they have to be REALLY sick in order to qualify for their favorite nurse. 😉

Bottom line is that maybe it IS true that men can’t handle the flu. But I’m glad that I had the ability to take care of my hubby this past week, because he most certainly does his best to take care of me. And I think that he appreciated being taken care of even more than I really know. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Tough Dudes and the Flu

  1. Hope he is better soon! Michael is a stubborn patient, but an amazing caretaker. I caught him trying to work from home just hours after getting his wisdom teeth out (I think it was the drugs, honestly, making him crazy)! I, on the other hand, can get sick really easily. He can come home with allergies and I get the flu!

  2. Aww, I hope he’s feeling better by now! And I hope you don’t get it back! Being sick is the worst! 😦 I’m glad you were there to take such good care of him! 🙂

  3. You’re so nice! When Mike is sick, it’s the worst! He doesn’t take care of himself, which leads to a drawn-out, prolonged illness with much discomfort for everyone involved!

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