Cruise Destination # 3 – Freeport, Bahamas

After our stop in Nassau, Nate and I very seriously considered cancelling our next – and last – excursion, again realizing that we wouldn’t be refunded the money. I am SO glad, however, that we decided to not cancel, because Freeport was absolutely amazing! 🙂

The port was filled with little, pastel-colored huts, where everything from straw handbags to adorable sundresses were sold. The local people selling their wares were friendly, smiling and waving at us as we walked by. The bus-driver who drove us to our destination declared it a “beautiful day that the Lord has made,” filled us in on the island’s history, and had us all cracking up at his cheesy jokes.

Bahamas!! 538

Our guide at Garden of the Groves was equally pleasant with the same fun sense of humor that had us all laughing and feeling at ease. And the gardens themselves were absolutely beautiful, filled with the plants, flowers, and birds that call the Bahamas home. It was a photographer’s dream, and I suddenly wished that I had my good camera with me… and maybe a few more hours to capture all of the intense colors and whimsical shapes.

Bahamas!! 454

It was a quiet place and not somewhere one would go, expecting to be entertained. It was peaceful, like a walk through the forest. And quite honestly, it was just what Nate and I needed. We found a bench that overlooked one of the waterfalls and just sat there for 20 minutes, feeling the warm sunshine and watching the birds play in the trees.

Bahamas!! 485

After the tour-bus brought us back to the ship, Nate and I finished off the day with more reading on the ship’s deck. I cannot begin to express how amazing the sunshine felt on my skin after having left negative temps back in New England. “Oh, flip flips, how I missed you!”

Bahamas!! 547

So I’d definitely say that our stop in Freeport was very much enjoyed!!! 🙂

Bahamas!! 503

A few more pics from the day:

Bahamas!! 525

Bahamas!! 515

Bahamas!! 501

Bahamas!! 484


5 thoughts on “Cruise Destination # 3 – Freeport, Bahamas

  1. Ah, this post was like a breath of fresh air. I can just imagine how relaxing it was. Sounds like you guys had such a peaceful time together in Freeport! You got some gorgeous shots! And girl, your legs look a mile long in that shot of you on the boat!

  2. I’m glad you and Nate had such a nice cruise! The pictures are just gorgeous, and everything looks so lush and green and bright! I miss that! I went on a cruise to the Bahamas, and I remember it being a little bit scary (like you mentioned in your other post), but so beautiful! I’m glad you were able to take time and relax!

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