The Countdown – Thankful Thursday

— written 1/9/2014 —

I was overwhelmed today by the love shown to me by the colleagues I’ll be saying ‘goodbye’ to tomorrow. I hadn’t expected to feel a little pang of sadness or even a little choked up. It’s amazing how close some of us have become after all these years of laughing, stressing, working, chatting, surviving, and celebrating together. In a sense, we had become a little work family.

Emails started to pour in almost immediately, and colleagues stopped to visit at my cubicle, making sure they had the chance to catch me before I left. Then I was called into the conference room this afternoon, where a bunch of my work friends and team members had a gift basket filled with teaching supplies and chocolate waiting for me.

Work 005
There was also an adorable piano cake that read “Good luck, Nicole.” šŸ™‚

In the end, I told all of them “see you later” because I positively hate ‘goodbye’s. I always have… I probably always will. And although I honestly had never expected it, as excited as I am to leave my current job, I am having a hard time saying ‘goodbye’ to the people I have worked with for the past 7 years.

Work 002

I will most definitely miss them!


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