The Countdown – Tuesday

–Written 1/7/14

Monday’s rainstorm gave way to an extreme temperature drop here in New England. I’m talking extreme. Like forget the 50 degree temps and bundle up for negative numbers.

And you don’t have to be a scientist to know what happens to rain once those kinds of temps roll in.

My wet car completely froze overnight, and I quickly realized that my car door had been frozen shut. I even did the squat-move that usually works, pulling against the door with all of my weight. But nothing.

Worried that I would be late for work, I ran upstairs to wake up Nate; and being the loving husband that he is, he rolled out of the warm bed to help me get into my car. I waited inside, watching him from the living room window, and he began his own efforts to tug the car door open.

Unfortunately, ice is as stubborn as he is, because the only thing that let go was the car door handle. Snap! I gasped aloud when I saw it happen, and the thought that instantly popped into my head was, “How much is that going to cost to fix?” But then I started to giggle…

There was Nate, standing on the driveway in his pajamas, surrounded by ice, and staring at the door handle in his hands as though he was in shock.

He looked at the door… back down at his hands, still clutching the handle… up at the door… And the more puzzled and shocked he looked, the more hysterical I got.

He slowly walked back into the house, fully expecting me to be upset at the fact that he had just ripped the handle off the little yellow car that I love so much. But one thing he hadn’t taken into consideration was the fact that I love him a whole lot more. AND he still had that shocked look on his face, which — I’m sorry — was just way too cute and hilarious!

So we laughed about it together, and Nate flexed his muscles a whole lot, asking me how it felt to be married to such a strong, sexy man. (I told him that it was wonderful… but that it was even more wonderful being married to a strong, sexy man who would make sure that my car got fixed). 😉

Just a typical Tuesday here in New England…
And one more day closer to my last day at the office!


8 thoughts on “The Countdown – Tuesday

  1. I’m always afraid of snapping by car door handle off when the door freezes shut. Apparently my fears are well warranted.

  2. Believe it or not, you are the second bloggy friend who snapped off her car door handle in the cold. I bet it happens all the time, though it really stinks when it does. As I told her, one time, I broke both my car door handles and had to climb in my car through the trunk (of a Honda Civic!) until I could get an appointment to fix it. My colleagues must have thought I was insane.

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