Career Changes and Getaway Places

Two weeks…

80 hours…

Officially 10 days, since weekends don’t count…

And then I’ll pack up my cubicle, walk out of the office, and drive home from work for the last time. January 10th, to be exact, is my last day as an Accounts Receivable Specialist. There are stacks of piano books and theory pages across my living room floor as proof; and I’ve also been stocking up on pencils, pens, and stickers.

It’s not a bad trade, to be honest… They’re so much more colorful and fun than the calculators, spreadsheets, and data I normally work with.

Christmas 2013 031

This past Friday was supposed to be my last day, but my supervisors asked me if I’d be willing to stay on a few extra weeks to help train my replacement. My managers have been good to me, and I don’t take on additional piano students until the end of the month, so I happily agreed. It also gives me time to really say ‘goodbye’ to all of the friends I’ve made over the past 7 years. It’s amazing how close you get to the people you work with!

Christmas 2013 027

Sure, these two extra weeks mean that I haven’t yet seen the end of this insanely busy schedule, but — drum roll please — it also means Nate and I are going on a vacation in January! Long story short, I had received a year-end bonus check from work that we had been tempted to use towards a get-away, but — in the end — we put it towards our nest egg in the bank. The promise of two extra pay-checks, however, allows us to use that unexpected salary for something fun. Normally Nate and I are all about saving every penny, and our typical reaction would be to say to each other, “So how do you want to spend this extra money in ten years?” Ha, ha!

Christmas 2013 035

But this past year definitely stretched us a bit; and although I’m very proud of how we worked through difficult situations together, I’d also be the first to admit that we need some quality, fun time together. So we leave for vacation the day AFTER I leave my current job and a week before I take on the extra piano students. What a way to celebrate! It will be a great way to ring in this new adventure but mostly it will be an opportunity for us to take a deep breath and to recover from some of the craziness.

Christmas 2013 047

Needless to stay, the year 2014 will begin on a high note. πŸ™‚ I’m really excited to see where this year will take us, and I cannot wait to begin teaching my new piano students!! I’ve been printing out theory pages and organizing sheet music in preparation, and I am loving it! I am so thrilled to be doing something that I’m so passionate about!!

Christmas 2013 051

Oh, and turns out, Highstreet seems to be pretty passionate about music too.


9 thoughts on “Career Changes and Getaway Places

  1. WOOHOO!!! Also… STICKERS!!! I sucked at piano when I took lessons for about 18 months. I think I did it all for the stickers. You can be glad, for just this once, that we’re NOT neighbors because I might be tempted to try lessons from you. You would not enjoy me as a piano student!

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