Are You Ready for Some Football?

Last week, my dad presented me, Nate, and my brother Matt with tickets to see the Patriot’s vs. Browns game! (I guess this is proof that working full-time right now, while prepping to teach piano, is keeping me quite busy these days. πŸ™‚ I can’t believe it took me an entire week to blog about this!! Well, I’ll be blogging more regularly once things settle down a bit at the end of December, I promise!).
I love going to Gillette Stadium, just in general, because there are so many shops and restaurants now. I feel as though there’s something new to explore every time I go! But Nate and I are both huge football fans, so it’s especially exciting when we’re there to see a game.

football! 002

The day promised to be a cold one, and I knew that we’d be sitting outside on plastic seats for hours, so my outfit consisted of:
-long-sleeved t-shirt
-one more long-sleeved t-shirt
–one last long-sleeved t-shirt
-winter coat
-wool socks
-fuzzy boots
-wool hat

I was so bundled up that I pretty much couldn’t move, but I also think that I was the warmest person there. And since I absolutely hate being cold, movement was a small thing to sacrifice. πŸ˜‰

football! 001

(See, don’t I look warmer than my brother looks? Never underestimate the power of layering…).

Although none of us own a truck, we did our own version of tail-gating by eating a hearty lunch outside before the game. I made a big ol’ batch of chili with all the fixings, and my dad brought chicken wings. Double yum!

football! 004

Our seats for the game were absolutely spectacular! Nate and I usually end up in the nose-bleed section, but my dad had tickets that were much closer to the action. AND to top off the already incredible day, we won the game! (It was a nail-biter at the end, especially since we all thought that we had lost, for sure). But the Patriots pulled through!

Thanks, Dad, for the tickets! We had a blast!!

football! 017


8 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Some Football?

  1. How do you live in New England and not own thermals?!? Crazy girl πŸ™‚

    I’ve been to a Penn State game that was in the 20s… at nite… and snowing… on metal seats. Yeah. In addition to wearing every piece of ski apparel I own, I also sat on a blanket and wrapped myself in a second blanket the whole time. Moving wasn’t an option, nor was peeing! Sounds like you had it covered!

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