The Big News


After 7 years of working as an Accounts Receivable Specialist for a fire-security company, the end is near.

I gave my resignation!!
December 27th will be my last full day, with some part-time days thrown in January… until I leave for good that month.

I’ve decided to take the leap of faith, so to speak, and to pursue teaching piano!

I’m sure this topic will come up a lot in the upcoming months, as my life is about to change drastically. Obviously, budgeting is going to be extremely strict in the very near future (although we’ve been practicing a strict budget for months now in preparation). And I’m actually going to have free time pretty soon!
Wait, what’s that??

I guess the one thing that I should mention up front is that this decision was not one motivated by financial gain. I didn’t quit my job to pursue teaching with the belief that I’ll be bringing in the amount of money I am currently bringing in from my A/R position. Because if that ever happens, it will be a very long time from now.

To be completely honest, I’m giving up a decent chunk of money. A very, decent chunk.

I’m doing this solely and completely for family.
I actually knew, from the day I said “I do” to Nate on our wedding day, that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom someday if we could make it work. These days, I come home really tired and rather stressed, and I honestly feel as though I couldn’t be the best mom possible if I’m working 40 hours every week. (Now don’t get me wrong, I am not — for one second — coming down on moms who do work. Everyone has to make the decision they feel is best, and I also know many women who have to work). But for me, I just know that I don’t know how to give 50%. I always give 100%; and so when I’m committed to a career, that means my family gets less of me. They get the tired, stress version of me.

So for the past five years, Nate and I have done our best to prepare for living on one salary (which isn’t easy in a society that pretty much does require both parents to work). We’ve paid off the cars, paid off our school loans, refinanced the house, and put together a pretty specific budget so that we know exactly how much money we need to live. We’ve just really tried to be careful with our spending…
(I mean, we don’t even own smart phones, that’s how cheap we are!). 🙂

And although it will be tight, we know that we can live off of Nate’s salary, while I work part-time for the next few years.

The thing about starting my own little business, as apposed to working a retail job, is that it will require hard work and time. So with Nate’s support, I decided to give my resignation now, even though I’m not pregnant. By working at it now, we’re hoping that I can get a comfortable amount of students lined up to be my part-time job! (Also, since I don’t have kids yet, I have time to pour into the preparation, so it’s easier in the long run to begin this journey now).

And… and… and… I’m loving every minute of this preparation to be honest. I’m such a music nerd! I get so excited every night, when I get to sit down and just pour over music theory books. Ha, ha.

Yes, money will be much tighter than it has been. And jumping into this is a little scary, because who in their right mind gives up a good salary. 😉 But to me, it will be worth it. And exciting! Because I know that although I might not be able to buy my future kids all kinds of fancy stuff, I know that they will have a childhood in which their mom is there for them. Just like my childhood. And I can tell you that I wouldn’t change having grown up with a stay-at-home mom for all the stuff in the world!
It was the most amazing experience ever.

Besides, I’ll be doing something that I’m passionate about! I’ll be sharing my love of music with kids!! And if all goes well, piano teaching may even turn into a full-time job in the future, when I’m ready for that again.
Hey, you can’t know unless you try, right??

Bring on the next chapter of my life. I’m ready for it! 🙂


24 thoughts on “The Big News

  1. That is both brave and fantastic! I think you’ve made a very smart decision to get a jumpstart for the future. I work with my husband and we are now gradually trying to move my duties to other people as we plan our family. I think a parent at home makes a whole lot of difference in a kid’s life.
    So Kudos and all the very best!

  2. Woohoo!! You will be a fabulous piano teacher for all the future kiddos (and adults?) And I think it’s admirable that you want to give 100% to your family. It might not pay well up front but it’s a great investment.

  3. I am so excited for you! What’s cool is that you are going to pursue your passions full time (whether family or musically oriented). I can’t wait to read the next chapter! God is going to do great things through you for those students!

  4. This is sooooo exciting!!! I can “hear” (read – whatever) the passion that you have for music and I know that you are going to be so much happier when you’re doing something you love. Money does not buy happiness – even though a lot of us seem to try to make it do so! Best of luck and I can’t wait to hear about how the adventure plays out for you and your family.

  5. NICOLE!!!!! Picture me doing a really awkward happy dance in your honor and then imagine me squeezing you in a hug so tight that you’re like “uhh janelle… can’t… breathe…!” I am so super proud of you and EXCITED for you!!! This is amazing news and full of potential and I am just so thrilled that you are following your dreams and what’s best for you and your family. I am behind you one bazillion percent and if you need ANYTHING (besides a backup piano teacher, because, uh, I can only teach heart and soul), I am totally here for you.


    1. Best… comment… ever! 🙂 Girl, I love you and thank you for your encouragement / support! You rock, and your comment just made me the happiest ever. Imagine me giving you a super-excited hug right back! 🙂

  6. I can’t tell you how excited I am by your news! It gives me so much joy when I hear of someone stepping out in faith and obedience to what the Lord has told them to do! I would like to share a testimony, if that is ok. My husband and I just made this same choice in June of this year, and there are two main things that I learned… First, being a stay at home wife is a LOT harder than you realize. During the two months leading up to my last day of working full time, I thought, staying home will be so wonderful. I will have the time and mental and emotional energy I need to really serve the Lord and my husband and my church. Very soon after I began staying home, I realized that staying home can be very lonely and boring. The walls of your house begin closing in on you and you don’t have the money to “escape” when you just need to get out. However, the second thing that I saw in an amazing, clear, and personal way was God’s faithfulness to bless obedience. In my loneliness, the Lord showed me the kind of relationship He wanted to have with me. In my boredom, the Lord showed me the value and joy of the “mundane” tasks of laundry, dishes, cooking, laundry, dishes, cooking, and then was faithful to give me opportunities to use my time for Him. Four months after my husband and I took the step of obedience and I quit my full time job, I randomly applied for a job that I saw available online. It was the type of job that fit my skill set perfectly and would pay better than any job I had ever had. I honestly didn’t think I would get the job, but then the interview process started and the hiring team really liked me. I had a choice. I could take the job, be instantly rid of the struggle with loneliness and boredom, and we would have more money than we had ever had in our lives. But again the Lord asked me, “Will you obey what I have asked you to do? Will you trust me?” Feeling sick to my stomach, I turned the job down. Within the next few weeks after I turned the job down, the Lord opened up four work-from-home part time opportunities for me! In the midst of deciding which to go for, I knew that God was blessing our obedience and shouting to us, “I AM FAITHFUL!” The first few months of next year may be easy for you, but if the transition becomes difficult, I encourage you to be obedient, keep the faith, and wait… for God will show Himself faithful to bless your obedience!

    1. Wow, Mandy, thank you SO much for sharing!! What a great testimony! I LOVE how God comes through, when we do what we know is the right thing. I can only imagine how your faith was tested, when you were offered so much money… and then were faced with the decision to chose that over what you knew what was right. God is going to bless you for that, and it’s already obvious that He is! That is so incredible that part-time, work-from-home jobs are opening up for you!!!! I’m sure I will have those same types of days, and I will come back and read this again to remind myself that God WILL come through for me as I am faithful. I love you, girl! 🙂

  7. This is huge news! WOW.
    I know that you’ll work your hardest to make sure everything works out. Congratulations on your new career and life change!!

  8. Nicole, I could not be more excited for you! I love that you are following your passion. And what a great fit being a piano teacher will be for being a mom as well. I can’t wait to hear how all of this plays out in your lives! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! And good for you!!! It’s not easy ‘taking the plunge’, as you so accurately put it, but I think that life is too short to not do something that you’re passionate about! 🙂

  9. SO exciting!! Doing something you love and getting rid of a stressful job? UM, awesome! My neighbor is a piano teacher (and she does some other projects on the side), and she’s a stay at home mom, and she loves it! I know you will, too!

    Congrats, lady! ENJOY this break.

  10. Nicole, I am so happy for you and Nate. I just know you are going to LOVE being a piano teacher. You are amazing for taking this big leap, but you seem so passionate about it, and you and Nate aren’t jumping blindly without budgeting and planning. I think it’s just so, so awesome and God will definitely bless you as you pursue His will for your life.

    And about being a stay-at-home mom? I totally agree. I will do anything I can to be a stay-at-home mom when the time (hopefully!) comes. I grew up with a stay-at-home-mom for most of my life, and it was THE biggest blessing.

    Again, I am soo happy for you!

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