Nate’s First Black Friday

Me, sitting upright in bed. “Nate! Did you set the alarm?? It’s 5:34!”
Nate, rubbing his eyes sleepily. “Yeah, I set it for 5:30.”
Me: “But it’s 5:34 and the alarm didn’t go off!”
Nate: “Oh, maybe I set it for 5:00.”
Silence, as I’m doing math in my head.
Me: “Wait, 5:00 comes before 5:30.”
Nate: “Oh, yeah… ”

Black Friday shopping is usually a sacred event reserved only for my sister. She and I have a perfect system down.

Black Friday

We know what time to hit the mall so that we can take advantage of 50%-off sales at our favorite clothing stores without hitting the mad rush. We have a list of stores to hit first so that we can find the best scores and receive the free incentives. We also have synchronized appetites, as we always seem to need a caffeine boost or lunch at the same time. And then, on the drive home around 11am, we talk excitedly about our endless finds and dream about next year’s Black Friday.

So when I found out that Sarah would have to work this year, I instantly knew that this year’s shopping trip would hardly be the same. I just hadn’t expected it to begin so early. Seriously, I knew that the alarm clock was on the fritz, but did it have to go on Black Friday?

Nate hadn’t liked the idea of my venturing out into the craziness by myself, so he kindly offered to go with me. This was the second indication that things would be different, because he hates shopping as much as Sarah loves it. But I decided that I could be bummed about the change in tradition, or I could embrace it.

Christmas 2013 025

For the record, things couldn’t have been MORE different, so I’m glad that I decided early to embrace it instead of getting upset. πŸ˜‰

For example, Nate and I arrived at the mall for 6:30am; and by 8:00am, we had already walked through the tool section at Sears, carefully compared vacuum cleaners at Target, browsed the televisions at some electronic store, and stopped to check out a truck display parked inside the mall.

Christmas 2013 030

By 9:30am, I had two bags in my hand — one for the light, pink cardigan I had picked up from The Loft and the second a DSW bag for Nate’s pair of walking shoes. (The tote bag was really girly, so I offered to carry it for him… and to keep it for him too). Nate, on the other hand, was carrying several bags for his new sweaters, jeans, and two casual T’s.

Christmas 2013 034

Somewhere amidst this Black Friday excursion I began to feel as though I were about to have a slight panic attack. This is NOT how Black Friday is supposed to work. But on the other hand, Nate isn’t my sister. I mean, thank goodness he’s not my sister! So obviously things were going to be different.

And obviously I was going to take advantage of his being at the mall, because the guy hates shopping as much as a cat hates water. So to be able to buy him clothes at 50% off was amazing. It took me a few minutes to bring my heart-rate back down and to assure myself that it was all okay. πŸ˜‰

So I decided to just have fun.

Christmas 2013 026

I mean, Black Friday shopping is the BEST when my shopping buddy is by my side, and I hope that Sarah and I both have it off next year. But I have to say that even though this year was very different, it was still a great day spent with my guy! πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Nate’s First Black Friday

  1. I missed shopping this year!!! This just means that next year will have to be something extra, extra special on Black Friday. πŸ˜€

    Lovin’ your pink sneaks!

  2. Aww, that was very sweet of him. The alarm clock conversation cracked me up! I didn’t grow up with a Black Friday shopping tradition, so we didn’t do much this year (we got out at about 1:30 in the afternoon and the stores were just regular-type busy). Looks like you had some fun, though!

  3. haha this would totally be me… but not because of my shopping partner. I hate shopping for myself so I always end up looking at stuff for other people!

    Did you find anything for yourself? Or any Christmas gifts?

  4. I love Black Friday, too, but I don’t go crazy/get up early/participate in any sort of madness. This year, I ventured to the mall around 9a by myself and loaded up on lots of gifts (and some gifts for me). Loved it!

    Even though it was different, it looks like yours was successful AND fun! Hooray for you and Nate!

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