A Photo an Hour

8 am

stuff 023


stuff 024


stuff 026


stuff 029


stuff 040


stuff 042


stuff 037


stuff 043


stuff 049


stuff 2 016


stuff 062


stuff 068


stuff 071


12 thoughts on “A Photo an Hour

    1. You definitely should! I wish I could say I came up with the idea myself, but I’ve been seeing a lot of bloggers doing it lately. I think it’s fun! And a great photographer such as yourself would definitely put this idea to good use!! 🙂

  1. Busy, fulfilling day! How many times did you drink tea?!? I think you might have me beat in the Oldest Alarm Clock competition. Mine’s from the early 80s (although I use my phone now but John still uses the clock) but sadly, mine does not have that excellent piece of history you have… a cassette player built in! Does that still work??

    1. I actually only drank tea once, because the first cup of caffeine was coffee. 😉 And you are SO observant! Ha, ha. That ancient alarm clock is Nate’s, actually. But it’s on my side of the bed, because I get annoyed if I can’t easily see what time it is. (I like to know how many hours of sleep I have left, whenever I wake up in the night). And to be honest, I don’t even really know how to work the thing! The cassette player DOES still work, although we never use it. But I can never figure out how to turn the alarm on, so that is Nate’s job every night. LOL!!

      1. I get annoyed about the same thing! John stole the alarm clock so I have no way of knowing the time unless I pick up my phone (I can’t see well enough to see the clock on his side). Oh the little annoyances of life 🙂

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