A Visit to the State House

On my wedding day, had you asked me how I thought Nate and I would celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, I never in a million years would have told you that we’d spend it at the State Capitol.  But I suppose that’s how life works sometimes.  Sometimes you worry about fears that never come true, and sometimes you just don’t dream big enough.

This past weekend, on our wedding anniversary, Nate received the Medal of Honor at the State House.  Of course, the medal had everything to do with his bravery in the line of duty last year and had absolutely nothing to do with being married to me for five years.  😉

But still, it was pretty special just the same.

The ceremony was held in the House of Representatives Chamber, which was large, ornate, and so full of history.  The wooden desks had microphones and also buttons intended for voting.  I vote ‘yes’ for Nate receiving the award!

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t there to vote.  But still, I would have voted ‘yes’, if I needed to.

This award ceremony was particularly special, because we were able to share the experience with my in-laws and parents.  In the past, Nate and I have had to travel long-distance to make it to an event, but this one was much closer to home.  Their presence meant the world to both me and Nate, not only because they were there for the award but also because they had been a huge part of our special day five years ago.

So it was nice to celebrate our anniversary with two couples who have truly stood the test of time and who are still so in love.

(Are my parents not the cutest couple EVER??).

After the ceremony, Nate, the parents, and I were ushered into the governor’s office for a private tour.  It was pretty amazing, I’m not going to lie.

I’m also fairly certain I’ve never seen such a beautiful office.  🙂  The woman in charge was very pleasant and presented historical facts about previous governors who had also worked from that very room.

After we left the State House, my parents treated us all to lunch at the Union Oyster House, which claims to be America’s oldest restaurant!  I honestly can’t believe that I had never eaten there before.  The atmosphere was pure Boston charm, and the food was delish!  We were all served freshly baked corn bread, while we waited for our seafood to cook.  Nate had the fried seafood, while I tried the Seafood Newburg (shrimp and scallops in a cream sherry sauce, served on a puff pastry shell with rice pilaf on the side).

Judging from the silence that fell over the table once lunch was served, I imagine that everyone enjoyed their meal as much as I did.  😉

The lightly falling rain stopped by the time we had finished, so we enjoyed our walk back to the parking garage by strolling through the park.  I’m always up for ANY excuse to walk through the park.  🙂

Plus I had fun snapping a few pics of my parents…

Gosh, I love them SO much!!

And, of course, I’m in love with this guy too.  🙂

(For the record, Nate was really embarrassed when I told him to pose next to this Mr. Perfection Inc sign.  Ha, ha!!  But I thought it was pretty fitting, because he’s most definitely perfect for this girl!).  🙂


6 thoughts on “A Visit to the State House

  1. I love this line: Sometimes you worry about fears that never come true, and sometimes you just don’t dream big enough.

    Genius, my friend.

    As is having your man pose by the Mr. Perfection-arrow-sign.

    Oh and I want to try that restaurant and exactly what you had. It looks and sounds delicious!

  2. This whole post just makes me so happy. It’s crazy how life can change so fast, and then we realize that it’s okay and God’s plan is way better than ours.

    I would have been ALL over that homemade corn bread. I love the pictures of your parents, and the last one of Nate–LOL. I love your dress, too!

    Happy 5 years!

  3. Your parents are absolutely adorable! So sweet. 🙂 I think it’s so cool that you guys got to tour the governor’s office! And strangely enough, I find it super cool that the voting things still say “yea” and “nay”… that’s just class right there. 🙂 And that last shot of Nate – fabulous! I think it’s sweet that he was embarrassed to have the shot taken by that sign. I’m pretty sure Christopher would’ve walked over to it and started flexing and asked me to take his picture. 😛

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