Nate, Sarah, and Me at the Big E

Over the weekend, Sarah and I took my hubby Nate for a drive to Springfield, Ma to explore the Eastern States Exposition, because he has never been.  It’s kind of a thing.  You have to go to the Big E at least once if you consider yourself a true New Englander.

ALSO Sarah has very generously offered to do a photo-shoot with me and Nate for our upcoming 5 year anniversary!  I wanted to have a special collection of photo’s to mark this celebration, and she thought that the Big E might have some great photo opportunities!  (She was right, and I wish I could share all the amazing pics she took.  But I’m not even allowed to see the pics until she’s done, so we’ll all have to wait for the big reveal).  😉

So all I currently have to show is this tease-of-a-photo that she sent me. 🙂

Anyway, back to the fair…

The Big E is a 17-day State Fair that celebrates all that is New England.  There are vendors from each of the 6 states, selling everything from adorable crafts to massive hot tubs.  Oh, yeah, and there’s food…

Lots and lots of food.

In the center of the fair, there are life-sized replicas of each state’s original capitol.  And inside, you can buy wares and yummy foods that represent each state.

So in a matter of an hour or two, you can — among other things — travel through New England and try clam chowder, lobster rolls, fresh bread, cheese, baked potatoes stuffed with sour cream and chives, homemade icecream, whoopee pies, and salmon on a stick. (Yeahhh, one of the states totally had that.  We didn’t try it, but — I won’t lie — it kind of looked good).

Your only concern will be finding the room (and money) to try everything you want to, because the state buildings aren’t the only places where you can find food.  You’ll also run into vendors all over the fair; and the smells of fries, roasted turkey legs, chocolate covered bacon, corn dogs, pop corn, sausages, burgers, cotton candy, pizza, and pasta follows you everywhere.

How to choose, how to choose?  I know, life is so difficult sometimes.

Also famous to the Big E is the Craz-E Burger, which is a bacon cheeseburger  sandwiched between two halves of a glazed donut.  We avoided trying that, since we gained two pounds by just smelling it.  But we DID split one of the famous Big E cream puffs.


The cream puffs are flaky and filled with the thickest of whipped creams.  It was a piece of cream puff heaven, and I can completely understand why they’re so famous.

(Although after just writing all this, I’m suddenly craving fiber and veggies).  😉  It sure is fun to splurge sometimes, but I couldn’t live off of that food!

In addition to lots of window-shipping and eating, the fair also provides the typical amusements you would expect, such as a ferris wheel and lots of tilty-twirly rides that want nothing more than to make you sick.  We didn’t want to spend money on rides, but I was determined to ride the McDonald’s slide.  (It’s kind of like a tradition for me.  I can’t visit the Big E without sitting on a potato sack and riding down a slide at breakneck speed).

It was as fun as I had remembered it and totally worth the $2.  🙂  (Thank you, Sarah, for taking the pics, but — next time — I’m dragging you on the ride with me so that we can scream together in perfect harmony).

There is also a circus that you can watch for free; but Nate, Sarah, and I didn’t feel like standing in line.  (Turns out that the day we went was a record-breaking day for visitors.  So it was CROWDED and the lines were longer than normal).

There was also a petting zoo, pig races, animal competitions, baking competitions, and lots of people watching opportunities.  🙂

SUCH a great day!

I’m not going to lie, I’m SO excited for our next adventure together!!


10 thoughts on “Nate, Sarah, and Me at the Big E

  1. Sarah got sprinkles!! And dang lady, you lookin goooood! So there wasn’t pumpkin-flavored everything?? How bout pumpkin whoopie pies? Those are my favorite! I don’t even bother with anything else, not even chocolate-PB!

  2. OH my goodness. I don’t even know where to start. The cream puff. Yum. The mention of chowder and baked potatoes…swoon. That slide??? So fun!!!!

    And the teaser photo…such a tease!!! I’m really excited to see the photos from the 5 year anniversary shoot!

  3. I LOVE that teaser shot! It’s so pretty and so FALL which is perfect for you because of how much you love it! And I just love your boots. They are adorable!

    Also, we went to a fair this weekend too! It looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL time! That slide looks like so much fun! 🙂 And I love the shot of you at the end. So pretty!

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I’ve never been to our state fair, but I LOVE going to our county fair, even if quite a few of the other people there are, let’s say, interesting. I love it none the less. And that piece of pizza looks AMAZING! (Coming from a girl who can’t eat regular pizza, I’m not sure that means a whole lot. :))

  5. These are amazing pics, and what a fun time! I wish we had something like that! Also, it looks as if your anniversary pics are going to be out-of-this-world! Love, love, love the last picture of you!

  6. Ahh, the big E looks like such a BLAST! SO much fun stuff to do and see and EAT! Wow. And I just can’t wait to see the pictures your sister took!

    I love that you and Sarah and Nate hang out!

  7. That sounds like a really fun expo!
    Mmm… I’d love to be able to sample all new england food in one place.

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