A Pretty Nice Monday

Mondays aren’t exactly my favorite day of the week.

I try to stay positive and remind myself that each day should be lived to the absolute fullest.  But is it just me or are Fridays easier to live to the fullest than Mondays are?  Mondays are just… Mondays.  They’re the first step up the tallest of mountains.  They’re the first mile in a marathon.  They’re day # 1 of a diet.

Well, you get it.  And I know I don’t have to explain Mondays to you anyway.

I was particularly frazzled this Monday, because it’s the last week of Fiscal Year End at work.  I’ve worked in my department long enough to know what craziness waited for me.  And I didn’t feel ready.

But imagine my surprise when I stepped into the office this morning and there was absolutely no electricity.  What?!?

Apparently there was a power outage, and so my manager sent me home for a couple of hours while the issue was fixed.  I was so disappointed.


The extra couple of hours at home gave me a bit more time to regroup and to give myself you-can-survive-the-week pep talks.  It was a really quiet morning of sipping pumpkin coffee, reading some blogs, and watching football recaps with the hubby.

It was just what I needed, to be honest.

Add a pretty bouquet from the hubby, and I have to say that the morning I had dreaded actually became quite nice!

After working the afternoon away, I drove to the mall in the hopes I could find a pair of boots on sale.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any luck in that department, and I refused to pay the $50 asking price.  BUT I didn’t go home empty handed, as I stopped by Starbucks and enjoyed my first pumpkin latte of the season.  😉

Happiness in a cup, this is!

When I arrived home around 7pm, I was hungry and tired beyond belief, so I whipped up an easy dinner of scrambled eggs and toast.  And, yes, I totally ate dinner while wearing my pajamas.  I happen to think that a busy Monday warrants you the excuse to wear pajamas so early in the day.

Then again, I don’t know that I ever need an excuse.  I definitely believe in getting comfy after a busy day, and I feel no shame!  🙂

The rest of the evening was spent writing and enjoying some quiet time with two of my favorite guys.  🙂  (Highstreet is that fuzzy black blob in the bottom right of the pic.  He’s kind of hard to see at first…).

So, yeah, when it was all said and done, this Monday was pretty nice.

What do you think?  Is it okay to wear comfy jammies before 8pm?

How was your Monday?


10 thoughts on “A Pretty Nice Monday

  1. What an unexpectedly pleasant Monday! It’s like a gift. Well really every day is a gift, but that kind of day is like a new pair of boots when you were expecting a stocking stuffer. Ya know? Good luck with the remainder of your week!

  2. What a day! So sweet of Nate to support you.

    I had scrambled eggs for dinner too! We call our early-PJ-wearing our “comfies” so that we can get away with feeling comfortable but not admitting that it’s our PJs. ha!

    What was Nate working on??? Are you guys writing a book? Is he going back to school? Was he making a list of ways to spoil you?! 😉

    1. I am totally going to ‘borrow’ that “comfies” label from you, if you don’t mind. Ha, ha. AND Nate was working on reading every article published that day about the Patriot’s. LOL! He is obsessed with football! You should see him when he watches games… He is the calmest guy ever, but when the Patriot’s are losing, he screams until his face turns red. It is hilarious! Ha, ha! And on the days there aren’t any games, he makes sure that he keeps up with what’s happening with players and predictions. 🙂

      1. Go! Steal it! No charge. Enjoy your comfies! 🙂

        Nate prints the articles? NERD! haha that is awesome. Or pathetic? No, probably awesome. Hilarious, indeed.

  3. It’s definitely okay to wear comfy jammies before 8! Or in my case, when I get home from school… at like 5… hahah. No shame, no shame!!

    How awesome (kind of!) that your work had a power outage! What a nice surprise 🙂

  4. Is it okay to wear comfy jammies before 8pm?! HA! Oh girl, as soon as Christopher and I are in for the night we are both in our PJs. No joke. Granted, most nights we are out until 9-10pm anyway just because of life busy-ness, but if we catch a random night in… we are definitely in comfy clothes long before bedtime.

    Glad your Monday turned into a much happier day! 🙂

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