Adding Some Pizzaz to a Bedroom… on a budget

Over the weekend, I had this sudden urge to get my bedroom organized.  Mainly Pinterest was to blame, because I’ve been finding all sorts of adorable fall décor ideas, and I came to the conclusion that decorating a messy room would be pointless.  That and I actually had a few hours free Saturday afternoon, and I can’t remember the last time that happened.  So a quick dusting turned into a dramatic upturning of drawers and shifting of hangers.

I even went so far as to wash some fall clothes that had been stored away.

I probably would have even begun scrubbing other rooms if my cleaning endeavors hadn’t been slowed down by this fuzz-monkey.  He thought my every movement was meant to amuse him, and — of course — he was so cute that I had to stop and play with him every five minutes.

But other than that, I got a lot done!

When the bedroom was officially clean, however, I really noticed how bare it is.  Nate and I haven’t done much with it, other than painting the walls.  We don’t even have curtains yet, although we hope to remedy that soon.

I decided to add a touch of color and pizzaz by using some colorful, girly items that I already have plenty of.  Like jewelry.

Awhile back, I had seen an idea on Pinterest that suggested organizing bracelets by stacking them up glass, Coke bottles.  I found these bottles last weekend, when Nate and I visited a nearby apple orchard.  The end product was really cute…

AND it lets me easily see all of my bracelets, unlike before when they were scattered through one of my drawers.  So I can quickly pick out a bracelet that best fits the outfit I’m wearing.

Win, win!

My second project was to organize my nailpolish.  Again, all of my fun colors were hiding away in a drawer, which was such a waste since my bedroom really needed a splash of color.

For this project, all I needed was a wire spice rack, nail polish…

and a hottie with a drill.

**insert whistle**

Sorry, Nate, it is my duty as your wife to embarrass you once in awhile. 

And ta-da!  Suddenly, spice racks aren’t just for cinnamon, nutmeg, and garlic powder.

I love how it matches the necklace stand my sister bought me for Christmas!  That was completely unplanned, but we’ll keep that a secret and let everyone think that I’m really great at decorating.  😉

The bedroom still needs some work, but at least this half is starting to look put together.

Hey, slow and steady wins the race, right??  🙂

Oh, AND I’ve been working on a project for the kitchen.  But it’s not done yet, so I can’t quite show you that yet.  🙂


11 thoughts on “Adding Some Pizzaz to a Bedroom… on a budget

  1. I absolutely LOVE the nail polish holder!!! And the bracelet holder is a great solution for run-away bracelets that I can never seem to keep organized. So cute!

  2. I love all the projects! I especially love when things look like they were totally meant to go together. I think you can definitely take credit for that!

  3. Plus now you can see that you have room to buy and store more bracelets and nail polish! haha. Bet Nate’ll love that.

    I am envious of your jeans + sweatshirt weather.

  4. Holy crap that`s a lot of bracelets! You must have one for every outfit.
    I like how you displayed them on the bottles. It looks cute!
    Do you find it a pain to get the ones in the middle?

    1. Thanks!! And, you know what, I was totally worried about it being a pain to pull off middle or bottom bracelets… Ha, ha. But it’s really not. I used to have to dig through my drawers to find the one I wanted, so it’s still faster to pull off the top bracelets… and then slide them back on. 🙂

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