Pinning it Up – A Few Favorite Pins

Whatever did I do with my Sunday afternoons before the days of Pinterest?  Honestly, I can’t remember.  But I doubt they were as delightful as the Sunday afternoons as of late.   Yesterday after church, I spent the afternoon sipping pumpkin coffee and browsing Pinterest.  (But only during the football game commercials, of course!).

It was such a  deliciously-simple day.  🙂

Whimsical Gifts

Don’t know what to buy that special girl in your life who already has everything?  How about a rock-paper-scissors necklace from Etsy?

How cute, right??

Rock Paper Scissor Necklace by RPSshoot on Etsy, $21.00


For Laughs

I think that baby giraffes are the funniest, cutest looking things.  I’ve named this guy Fred… just ’cause.

seriously though, my dream pet is a miniature giraffe that would grow up!




Yeahhh, I SO need to recreate this outfit.  🙂  I already have the jeans, T, and sweater… now I just need to invest in a mustard-colored scarf!

stripes with touch of color   #2013 #fall #outfit #women


Around the Home

I was a little too excited to come across some small, glass soda bottles this past weekend during my visit to a nearby apple orchard.  I bought a couple and plan on using them for the organizational idea below.  I’m now on the lookout for a wooden box and then I can organize my bracelets!

What a great way to store bracelets!



Who knew that pumpkins and polka dots were meant to be together?

Polka Dot Pumpkins




A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.


Oh, AND I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I absolutely have to start trying Pinterest crafts and ideas!  So the goal is to start doing a craft a month again!!  🙂

Happy Tuesday!


18 thoughts on “Pinning it Up – A Few Favorite Pins

  1. LOVE the outfit!! I got a mustard colored scarf from Target last year. It’s nice and big and WARM for the fall. I wonder if they still have it this year?

  2. I love all of these. The bracelet organization idea? Brilliant. Any quote with an anchor? I’m in. The outfit. Swoon. Oh and I’ve totally had that rock paper scissors necklace in my Etsy cart for ages. I think this is a sign I should buy it.

  3. I LOVE that necklace. So cute!
    Also, I thought that picture of the girl with the stripes was you…so clearly it’s your style.

    1. I should just pic random photo’s of people online and put it on my blog, and as long as the person is wearing stripes, people will think it’s me. LOL!!!! Too funny!

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