NYC – The Sights

When we stepped out of the train station our first day in NYC, Sarah and I walked onto the street and were greeted by the New York Times building and an endless parade of bright, yellow taxi’s.  A morning fog was hovering over the city.

And it was just as I had imagined it.

One of the places I knew I had to visit while visiting NYC was Central Park.

Even before I actually stepped through the gates into the park, I could have closed my eyes and envisioned the grassy hills, boulders, trees, and paved walkways as though I had visited there before.  Some might say it’s the most romantic place in New York City.  And I’d seen its beauty captured so many times in the movies, some of my favorites including Kate and Leopold, Bride Wars, Enchanted, 27 Dresses, Made of Honor, Night at the Museum, The Devil Wears Prada, 13 Going on 30, Elf, Maid in Manhattan, and You’ve Got Mail.  (In fact, according to its website, the park is the most filmed location in the world!).

And now, random comment, I most definitely want to watch each of those movies over again!   🙂

When walking through the park, it’s easy to forget that you’re in such a large, busy city, except for the towering buildings that peak over the tree edges.

It’s almost like being in the country again.  Clusters of friends play frisbe.  Bike-riders, joggers, and roller-bladers speed along the paved walkways.  Families lay blankets on the grass and have a picnic.  There’s even a zoo to explore!

Others just walk and take in the beautiful scenery.  From the quaint lampposts…

to to the occasional boulder and ornate bridges, I doubt the view could ever get old.

Another view that could hardly be taken for granted was the one seen from the Empire State Building.

Sarah and I purchased our tickets online and arrived early (before 9am).  Thanks to that preparation, and the overcast weather, we were able to take the elevator to the 80th floor without having to wait in line.  The view overlooking the city was spectacular, even without King Kong hanging off the tower.

(Other movies filmed at this location — for you movie buffs — include Elf, I Love Lucy, and Tom Cruise’s Oblivion).

AND there’s a gift shop with some pretty cool merchandise… liked striped shirts.  Ha!

Standing at the top, it’s amazing how quiet it is.  Suddenly, the noises of the city disappear, and — as if on cue — the visitors talk in almost a whisper.  All you hear is the wind…. and me telling Sarah, “Pose here for a picture!” 🙂

It’s breathtaking!

Times Square, on the other hand, is louder than anything you could imagine.

It’s exciting, crowded, and colorful.

It’s also filled with plenty of characters… literally.

At moments, you want to scream, because you’re so jam-packed that you’re feeling claustrophobic.

And the next second, you want to cry, because it will be too long before you get to see it again.

My sister kept commenting on how difficult it was to take everything in.  How difficult it was to process everything.  No wonder the city is so romanticized!  There is SO much to see.

I mean, their Toys-R-Us even has a ferris-wheel!

One moment, we’d be taking in the flags of Rockefeller Center…

… and the next, we’d be walking through a farmer’s market and smelling sweet scents of apple cider donuts.

Just walking through the streets was enough to amaze us, to be honest.

The buildings were so tall, and the streets were filled with interesting shops or restaurants.  (More on food later though).   😉

Some streets looked as though they had come right out of the movie You’ve Got Mail!

My sister and I kept saying, “Can you believe we’re in New York City??”

Two days weren’t enough, but we did get to see what we really wanted to.

Now finding enough room to fit in all the food we wanted to try?

That was a whole different story…


8 thoughts on “NYC – The Sights

  1. Sleepless in Seattle was also an “Empire State Building” movie (which was actually referencing An Affair to Remember which is an amazing movie). I have only been to NYC once in high school, and I didn’t get to go to Central Park. That is definitely on the list now!

  2. I’ve been to NYC lots of times, same as DC, because they’re both close-ish and both are places our 10+ exchange students always wanted to see. That being said, I feel differently about them after 9/11, especially NYC. It just feels “not the same.” I still haven’t gotten to the 9/11 memorial but we did see the ground zero site and go by the main firehouse. The memorial is definitely something I want to go back for. There really is SO much to see in NYC that it’s hard to squeeze it all in. You could be there for a week! Sounds like you and Sarah had a good enough time that you’ll be back!

    Also, I love ALL of those movies, especially 13 Going on 30 and 27 Dresses. My favorite band is matchbox twenty so apparently I have a thing for numbers? Clearly our blogger meetup must include a romantic comedy marathon! 🙂

  3. I LOVE the pictures and your descriptions!!! My favorite pic is definitely the one of the Italian restaurant in yellow. Amazing.

    I adore You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle and An Affair to Remember. Those are definitely movies that I associate with NYC and the Empire State Building in particular for the latter two. “That caviar is a GARNISH.”

  4. YES! It is so cool to watch a movie and see a place you’ve been! I’d rewatch all those movies again too after a visit to NYC! 🙂 It really is a huge city and has SO much to take in! The group of friends I went with in college were only in NYC for one day (the rest of our spring break was spent in a nearby city volunteering with a church) so there was a lot we missed. Looks like you guys saw a TON in two days!

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