NYC – The Fashion

No amount of shopping could have prepared my sister Sarah and I for the Fashion District of NYC.  It was fashionista overload.  It was overwhelming.

It was noisy, and busy, and flashy.

It was beautiful.  🙂

Sarah and I arrived in NYC early the first day (8am, to be exact), so the city was just stretching and yawning itself awake with the morning sunshine.  We had the sidewalks almost to ourselves, as we walked past the spotless store windows and stopped to gaze at the cutest of outfits.

Within a matter of hours, however, the city came alive; and what once was empty and quiet, blossomed into colorful waves of chatty shoppers.

Some of the classiest (a.k.a. most expensive) of stores had a man with a suit standing at their entrance.  Sarah and I weren’t sure if his purpose was to discourage the dishonest from sneaking out with merchandise… or to discourage those of us who weren’t dressed up-to-par from sneaking in.

“Do you think they’d let us in?” Sarah whispered, pointing to an especially elaborate storefront decorated with golden dinosaur bones.

The suited gentleman standing at the store’s entrance crossed his arms just at that moment, and his lips formed a thin straight line.

“I don’t think we’re dressed nice enough,” I whispered back, looking down at my jean shorts and flip flops.

Dressed nice enough to go shopping for new clothes?  It sounds so bazaar to me.  But when you’re walking past the likes of Louis Vuitton and Prada, it does suddenly make a whole lot of sense in that moment.

And the familiar stores we shop at back home?

The New York City versions were bigger than life.

Even Macy’s had been given a glamorized makeover.

Although much less pompous than the stores surrounding it, Macy’s was shiny like a fresh diamond…

filled with flashing lights, upbeat music, and tantalizing merchandise.

Sarah and I rode elevator after elevator, working our way up all seven floors, which were devoted to handbags, dresses, outdoor wear, shoes… and even Starbucks, Ben and Jerry’s, and McDonalds.  The prices were relatively similar to those back home, but the options and styles were limitless.

Of course, as fun as window shopping may be, Sarah and I wanted to actually purchase a clothes item or two.  It was actually a bucket list (or Life Sparkle’s list, as I call it) item of mine.  So I decided that I would have to bring out the mad bargain shopping skills, if I were to afford anything that would cost me less than an entire paycheck.

“Hi TJ maxx!!!”

I bought this dress for $60… The real price-tag was for $355!!!  Yeah, that was my best bargain find ever, and it was in NYC. 

I also bought this leather jacket, normally $150… I paid $50.  I needed a new leather jacket, and so this was definitely a great investment for me!!

This simple, quarter-length striped T for $16.99 finished my TJ maxx haul.  🙂

Sarah found these really cute sneakers, which was a relief since she had forgotten her sneakers.  (She and I walked over nine miles in flip-flops the first day, and we were in pain by the end)!!  AND these hot-pink sneaks were totally in fashion, because neon sneakers are definitely the rage right now in NYC!

Sarah also really wanted to buy a necklace to remind her of our first visit to the city.  While she and I were exploring, we discovered Accessorize, located in the heart of Greenwich Village.  It’s a cute little shop, filled with artsy purses and the most adorable, shiny earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that you can imagine. (They’re also online, if you’d like to take a peak or even make a purchase of your own).

And it’s affordable!

Sarah and I both purchased a necklace for about $15. It’s a long, gold necklace with a leaf at the end.  It’s perfect for the upcoming autumn season!!

Who says you can’t find a bargain in the city??  🙂

In the city, there was a Sephora on every corner, and we lost count of how many American Eagle’s we passed.  There’s a store for everyone, whether you’re looking for a quaint, specialty shop… or a brand-name item.

Oh, and check out this video of me and Sarah’s first trip to Macy’s!!!  🙂


15 thoughts on “NYC – The Fashion

  1. My paternal grandparents met at Macy’s Herald Square, so it has a special place in my heart! I used to love hearing my Grandma tell the story.

    Love that leather jacket you bought!!!

  2. Ok, loved the leather jacket and that necklace (that accessory store is now on my list to visit). But I especially loved the video! I laughed pretty hard at the end there. It reminded me of a time when I was leaving a department store, and was completely confused by the sliding door. I ended up walking into the non-door part. Yup, straight into a window. That was an ongoing joke in our family for about a year or two! 🙂

  3. The whole time I was thinking “why the heck didn’t you wear sneakers?!” Now I know that you learned your lesson 😉 I want that new striped shirt badly!!! Why oh why doesn’t my TJMaxx have that?!? grr!

    Also, I went shopping over the weekend and came home with THREE striped tops. I thought of you and knew you’d be proud!

    1. YES, we learned our lesson! Ha, ha. I had brought sneakers, but I felt bad that Sarah forgot hers…so I wore flip flops too that first day. By that night though, I declared that there was NO way I was going to wear flip flops the next day. LOL! Thankfully Sarah found a pair at TJ Maxx, so we both wore sneakers on the second day.

      NO way!?! You have to post pics of your new striped shirts. Yes, I am SO proud. Ha, ha!!! 🙂

      1. Ugh, I’ll be like 80 by then! LOL!!!! I am SO cheap that I have the cheapest, most basic phone plan ever! So I’m stuck with a ‘dumb’ phone for awhile, I’m afraid. 😉 But I think I can see your instagram pics anyway?

  4. Hahaha! You guys trying to walk into Macy’s was hilarious! I’m glad you eventually made it inside! Of all the things we saw in NYC I was SUPER excited to see Macy’s just simply because I loved Miracle on 34th Street (the movie) which heavily features Macy’s! I was there with a group of friends from college when I was 18 and we had a BLAST! Also, I LOVE that leather jacket you found! I’ve been looking for one I really like, but they’re so expensive! Way to find a deal in NYC! 🙂

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