Smiles from You… with a little help from The Card Store

Long before I was blogging my way through life’s adventures, I was a little girl sitting at a school-desk drawing greeting cards for family and friends.  I’m pretty sure my aspirations of having my own card line began when my mother — realizing that she had forgotten to buy one of her closest friends a birthday card — cheerily (if not desperately) suggested I create a birthday card… moments before we were to leave for the surprise birthday party.  My homemade creation was received so well by my mom’s kind friend (who found the silly drawings and cutesy poems to be quite precious) that I left the party on cloud nine, and I spent hours the next day creating more cards… for future occasions.  I stacked them neatly in the dresser by my bed and waited for the Nicole-card demand that was sure to come.

Now maybe my aspirations of becoming a card designer morphed into other dreams; but just the other day, I found myself once again giving someone a card… made by me.  And the design process was as fun as I had remembered.  🙂

Of course, this time, I had a little help from The Card Store.

Recently, Lauren from The Card Store asked me if I’d like to review one of their photo cards on my blog, and I instantly said “yes!!”

On the Card Store website, you can scroll through a broad selection of occasions and themes, so that you can find a card that’s perfect for that special someone.

2 - edited 2

At first, I had absolutely no idea who I wanted to create a card for, and then I found the Friendship card section.  The rest kind of fell into place…  I KNEW I wanted to make a card for my best friend and sister Sarah.  🙂  I found a card option which allowed me to place an older picture on top of a newer, and I knew that this would be perfect.

2 - edited 4

The cards are reallyeasy to put together, with colorful prompts to let you know where you can upload photo’s or text.  You can choose font colors and decide if you want a photo on the inside of the card, on the back… or just on the front.

It’s all up to YOU!

It’s totally your chance to be that card designer you always knew you could be.  Go wild.  Go crazy.  Have fun!

When I was finished adding favorite pics and text, I reviewed my choices and then made the purchase.  This card was on the Card Company, but the total would have come to $4.50.  And only 4 days later, the card was sitting in the mailbox waiting for me.

(I also could have chosen to have it sent directly to my sister, but I wanted to see it first).  😉

It came out SO great!!!

Like really, REALLY great!

(I know you all recognize that bottom pic printed on the front of the card.  Ha, ha.  🙂  It’s just one of my favorite pictures of me and my sister right now, so I definitely wanted to incorporate that into my card).

…my fashion may have changed.  But you’re still my favorite accessory.

Get it?  She’s my favorite accessory, because I never leave home for fun adventures without her?  (Yeah, it’s totally a Nicole original)!  🙂

(The only negative, if it could even be considered one, is that the card isn’t glossy as a typical card from a cardstore would be.  It’s more of a flat, matte finish, as one might expect when printing on very nice card-stock).  That being said, the card was still very good quality!  Just be prepared for that look, once you decide to begin designing.  🙂

My sister absolutely loved the card!!  (And so did my mom, who I’m pretty sure will be making a card of her own sometime soon).

Oh the possibilities!

I instantly pictured how tickled my Pepere would be if he opened a birthday card and there was a picture of his grandchildren on it.  Or how I could design a personal anniversary card for my hubby.  Or, in the future, how much fun I could have by designing pregnancy announcement cards, should the need arise.

Endless, endless possibilities!

So for this review, I definitely give The Card Store two thumbs up!  🙂


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