Last Day of Vacay

Rather than directly driving the 8+ hours back home after our visit in DC, Nate and I decided to stop a night in Pennsylvania to break up the journey.

Our main focus was to see the countryside and to stop by Hershey’s chocolate factory (because — let’s face it — chocolate is amazing), but we also were able to drive through York, PA… as I had hoped.

Sadly, we drove through really early in the morning, so I wasn’t able to try one of the fried pickles from the Central Market.  (Trying fried pickles is kind of on my bucket list, because I LOVE pickles… and anything is good fried).

It was fun to walk through though.  The market sold delicious homemade pies, pretzels, fried chicken, fresh fruit, and cookies.  But Nate reminded me that it was still early… And I guess pie isn’t acceptable for breakfast anymore than fried pickles are.

Seriously, who made these rules anyway?

After our quick pit-stop, we drove straight to Hershey’s Chocolate World.

A world made out of chocolate?  Hmmm, yeah, I’m SO there!

Nate and I were a little too excited about the factory tour, especially when we were told that we’d get a free candy-bar at the end of it.  😉  The tour was a 15-minute ride through a colorful, fake factory; so it was mostly geared towards kids.  But it was interesting to learn about how Hershey’s chocolate is made.

And there were awesome singing cows throughout the ride.  No lie, ever since the tour, Nate and I randomly break out into song, singing the tune they had belted out.  “It’s the milk chocolate… Moo…moo… moo.”

I mean, if chocolate isn’t worth singing about, then what is???

AND then we drove home.

The end.  🙂

It was a really fun time away, but it sure is good to be back.


13 thoughts on “Last Day of Vacay

    1. Ha! Oh, that’s right, I forgot you live there! Well, isn’t that always the way?? We always travel when we feel like exploring, instead of exploring all the things around home. 🙂 I’m guilt of that too, for sure!

  1. You know that market is the one I wrote about for your one Bloggers Like Us challenge? If you only knew how close you were to me… why wasn’t my sixth sense working to find you?! Hilariously (rather, sadly), J-slice begged me to go to market that day but we didn’t make it there. Would’ve been so crazy. “Man that looks like Nicole and Nate… but no way could it be… but wait!”

    1. I knew about the market BECAUSE of your blog post!! 🙂 So when I knew we weren’t too far away, I begged Nate to take a detour. But I didn’t know that you lived so close… In my head, I figured it was a place that you drove to on weekends, when you felt like going for a drive. (Probably because we live in the sticks and have to drive about an hour to get anywhere). 😉 And like I think I mentioned, I was most definitely looking for you while we were there… just in case!! 🙂 Next time, we WILL meet!!! I just know it!

  2. I loved readin all your trip posts! How cool that you were in PA, too! I’m so happy that Nate was honored again. You’re right… it’s amazing how God can bring good out of really, really, really hard times.

    My favorite story from your trip was definitely the Chic-fil-a one… I can just imagine you waving your arms up and down in panic and smacking Nate about the peanut oil… only to find out that it was your lucky day! LOL!!

  3. Funny that you talked about fried pickles…I had some this weekend! Oh, and just so you know, you are helping me with my US travel bucket list with every single post! 🙂

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