DC Trip – Day 4

One item on our To-do list while we were down south was to visit Krispy Kreme donuts.  Having attended college in Florida for two years, I had already been introduced to the fried treats, but Nate had never been.

Yeah, I knew that we had to remedy that situation.

The donuts were as airy and light as I remembered them.

They’re very different than Dunkin Donuts, which serves more cake-like donuts.  Krispy Kreme donuts are so fluffy and almost melt-in-your mouth.

I ate my donut and then announced, “That was some sweet air!”  😉

Next on the agenda was to visit Mount Vernon, which served as home to George and Martha Washington.

It was pretty amazing to see the house that our nation’s first president had called home.

But mainly, I was impressed by the man himself.  I’m not a history buff like Nate is (although I do enjoy learning about specific time-periods of history), and I tend to get bored at museums quite quickly.  (I’m not proud of that fact, but sadly it’s true).

That being said, I was captivated by George Washington and the great man he was.

He had such strong faith, and his love of country was unmatched.  So I was actually intrigued by everything I read; and maybe for the first time ever, I actually really enjoyed the museums we walked through!

And I left with the realization that although he died — and is buried at — Mount Vernon, George Washington continues to influence and challenge people today.  Because I was definitely challenged to be a better person.

“George Washington, they just don’t make them like you anymore.  But how our country could use someone like you today!”


7 thoughts on “DC Trip – Day 4

    1. Oh, I know! I want to read a book on him now. I’m not usually impacted that way by historical sites, but I was REALLY touched by the amazing he was!! And you are so right about Mount Vernon… It is so breathtaking. And I could have stared out at the river ALL day!

  1. Krispy Kremes are dangerous… so light that you could eat four of them without blinking and then be like “oh crap… bad idea.”

    You’re so right about GW. I think I need to visit Mount Vernon!

    1. I KNOW! I’m not a huge donut person, but after I ate mine, I was like, “SOoooo, what’s for breakfast??” LOL! They’re so yummy though. 🙂 And you DEFINITELY need to visit Mount Vernon. If I remember correctly, you love history. There is so much to learn there, but it’s also a beautiful place to walk around.

  2. Interestingly enough there used to be a Krispy Kreme in Windsor. I think it lasted for a couple of years and then went out of business. We love our Tim Hortons way too much in Ontario. Nothing can compete.

    I love history museums! I can’t believe they bore you!. . . No, actually, I can. I think Matt gets really bored when I drag him to museums. Especially when we’re on vacation and it’s museum after museum after museum and we just get so overloaded with information.
    You should have seen his face when I told him I wanted to go the the Museum of African American History in Detroit for my birthday. LOL But he couldn’t say anything because it was my birthday!

    1. I’ve been to Tim Hortons while visiting Ontario… a long time ago. I think I need to go back to relive the experience. 🙂 I do remember they were yummy.
      Ha! Nate would definitely be the same way and want to visit a museum for his birthday. (Wow, I really need to make sure that this idea doesn’t become implanted in his head. LOL). 😉 He LOVES museums and all that learning. (I’m more like your hubby and can take it in moderation). But maybe if I visit more museums, I’ll learn to appreciate them more. I DO love to learn, and I think that museums are important. So I need to try to learn to at least like them a bit more. 🙂

  3. So cool! I am like you, if I’m not interested in the subject then museums can be pretty boring. My parents are huge history buffs so we spent a lot of time at museums when I was growing up. Note that I get to choose which museums I go to, I enjoy them much more! 🙂

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