DC Trip – Day 2

I love seeing new places.  It doesn’t matter if I’m vacationing somewhere tropical, flying to a bustling city, or driving to a nearby town in New England that I’ve yet to explore.  For me, it’s all about exploring the shops, taking in the change of scenery, and trying the local food.  It’s the epitome of what I call fun, and I’ve been so blessed this year to have had these opportunities to travel.  🙂

(It’s amazing how God could use something as horrible as Nate’s assault and use the after-affects as a blessing).

On the first full day of our adventures in DC, Nate and I took the bus from our hotel in Maryland to the subway, where we were able to take the short commute into DC.

Since the award’s banquet was that night, we only had a few hours to sight-see that day, so we decided to make one stop at Arlington Cemetery.

I had been to DC once before as a kid, and Arlington Cemetery was even more overwhelming to see as an adult.

The rows and rows of tombstones stand for lives-upon-lives that have been lost, so that we Americans can enjoy the freedoms we too often take for granted.

It’s an endless sea of love and sacrifice.  Of goodbye’s.

And it’s a beautiful and heart-wrenching reminder that we must never forget these men and women.


After spending the morning at Arlington, Nate and I hurried back to the hotel to get fancied up for the upcoming banquet.  🙂

The dinner wasn’t formal (but it did promise to be quite nice), so I was a little more than relieved that I had bought this dress (on sale for $25) from The Loft.  It actually turned out to be perfectly appropriate for the evening and was quite comfortable.

Nate, of course, looked quite dashing in his uniform as always!  🙂

Now, you know that dinner is going to be amazing, when the butter for your bread is looking this pretty….

It was, no lie, one of the most amazing meals I have had… ever.  Possibly the best meal of my entire life.  Catered by Wolfgang Puck, the meal consisted of a delicious green-bean salad, filet mignon with potato puree, and pound cake with strawberries for dessert.

The award ceremony itself was absolutely beautiful, as well.  The Commissioner had some lovely things to say about Nate and his bravery, and I — of course — got all emotional as I was snapping pictures in the background.  🙂  It’s just overwhelming sometimes to be reminded of all that has happened in almost just a year.  God brought us through SO much, and the memories are a mixture of recalling the pain… and then also feeling overwhelmed by the love and support we have been shown.

So all in all, it was a wonderful evening.  And as always, I was so incredibly proud of my guy!


7 thoughts on “DC Trip – Day 2

    1. If you go, make sure you check out the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier! I didn’t post any pics of that, but it was such an honor to see. The unknown soldiers are buried there and there is a guard on duty 24/7… He walks back and forth, guarding the tomb. And every hour, there is a changing-of-the-guard ceremony. It’s SO impressive to see!!

  1. Gorgeous photos as always! And you two are a gorgeous couple. I am so glad that God brought you both through the traumatic events and is showing all kinds of goodness with these events that honor your husband.

  2. This is all so surreal to me and it’s not even my life. It must be a lot for you guys to take in sometimes. You’re both so blessed to have each other! It’s really quite amazing and I feel fortunate just to be able to “read along.” Thank you for sharing your lives with us on the blog 🙂 Hugs!

  3. Arlington has a real serene beauty to it, doesn’t it?
    It’s a bit weird, I know, but I love cemeteries. The uniformity of military cemeteries seems to really give a feeling of austerity.

    You guys have really been through so much and I think it’s just phenomenal that Nate continues to be recognized for his bravery. He’s made a huge impact.

  4. I am so glad that Nate continues to be honored for his bravery. He deserves it for sure! Also you two are so cute. Pictures of you guys together never fails to make me smile. Cute dress by the way! And the food… Oh wow… It really does look amazing!

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