DC Trip – Day 1

When Nate and I were informed that he was to be awarded the Medal of Valor just outside of DC, the first thing that ran through both of our minds was Road Trip!

First and foremost, I think we were both tired of flying.  We’ve done a lot of that this year, and apparently the thrill of flying does get old after awhile.  Or maybe we were just tired of having to get through security, sit cramped for hours at a time, and pack according to guidelines.

But ultimately, we’ve never gone on a road trip together and have always talked about how much fun it would be.  So when the powers that be agreed to give us money for gas and food, instead of money for plane tickets, we packed up the car and headed for DC!

Just as we had expected, it was fun driving through different states… and checking out different Dunkin Donut’s.  😉

Every hour or so, I’d ask Nate if he needed a coffee to stay awake.  It was my unselfish way of saying that I could go for another coffee refill.  😉

The group that had chosen Nate for the award put us up in the Gaylord National Harbor hotel, which was absolutely breathtaking.  First things first, the hotel had stripes on the wallpaper.  I was in love upon first glance….  (You all know how much I love me some stripes).

Inside the main lobby, the walls were made of glass so that you could see out into the harbor.  It was a view that I could never get tired of.  And there were waterfalls, trees, flowers, a spa, restaurants, a jewelry store, and little houses… inside the hotel.

It was my type of place, let me tell you.  🙂  The only thing that could have made it better would have been a Starbucks.  Or maybe if the hotel owner came up to me and said that I could move into the hotel for free.  That would have been pretty nice too.

After acting like tourists and taking pictures of absolutely everything for the first 30 minutes of our arrival, we decided to walk the hotel grounds and to explore the shops and restaurants surrounding it.

The outside was just as breathtaking.  The harbor was filled with ships and there was a carousal for the children to ride.

There were a bunch of shops to explore, selling everything from jewelry, to soap, to hats… to Peeps!

Nate said that I already drive a yellow car and — no — I can’t get a Peep to add to the top of it.  And that was that, unfortunately.

I soon lost interest in the Peep car anyway.  You can’t beat a free sunset that God paints in the sky.  The views over the water were breathtaking.

Day one definitely started our vacay on the right foot.  🙂


8 thoughts on “DC Trip – Day 1

  1. I’ve stayed in that hotel a few times and loved it too! It’s not “in” DC by any means but I kind of think it’s better 😉 If you go back around Christmas, they have a MASSIVE tree and tons of lights. Totally awesome.

    I have an outfit almost exactly like the black+blue one you were wearing so maybe it turns out that I’m slightly stylish after all!

    Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!!

    1. I liked that it wasn’t in DC too… Much quieter but still close enough to easily access DC. Oh my goodness, and I can only imagine how beautiful it must be around Christmas!

      I think that I’M the one who’s stylish, because I wore an outfit that’s almost exactly like one you wear! 🙂 You’re WAY more stylish than you give yourself credit for, my friend!!

  2. Oh my wow! That sunset is breathtaking! And I know what you mean about flying. Currently I am still in Miami (woke up at 3 am thank you time change haha… But at least it gives me a chance to catch up on some blogs!) and we fly out this morning. It had taken us 2 overnight layovers to get home and I am so over security lines and limited packing space. We are so used to road trips where we don’t have to bother with careful packing because we can just toss it all in the car haha! Anyway, so glad you guys got to drive and make fun stops along the way!

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