Bloggers Like Us — Meet the Family

The Recap

Once a month, I post a segment called Bloggers Like Us.  In it, I propose a question, asking for a picture of one of your favorite things, spots, memories, or foods.  Then, if you choose to participate (which I truly hope you will!!!), you will just need to post a picture on your blog to answer the question by a designated time.  (You can even include a short paragraph or sentence as a caption, and I’ll probably include it in my recap post).

And then, when I post the next Bloggers Like Us segment, I include all of your pics, and we’ll get to know even more about each other. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!


This Month’s Challenge — Meet the Family

I love how we get to know each other’s families — even though we haven’t met personally — because of all the blog posts and pictures that go up on a daily basis.  From hubbies and wives, to children, to fuzzy pets, we all bring our families with us on the adventure known as blogging.

So this month’s challenge, as a tribute to those we love and blog about on a daily basis, I’m asking you to present a family portrait…. in the most creative way you know how!  I’m not looking for an actual picture of your family, although you are more than welcome to do that if you’d like.  No rules, after all!

I’m looking for you to be CREATIVE!

Draw stick figures with chalk on your driveway.  With the help of toothpics, googly eyes, and pipe-cleaners, turn fruit and veggies into representations of your family.  If, unlike me, you’re actually good at drawing, have fun sketching.  Use yarn, paint, chalk, magazine scraps, or pom-poms.  It can be as abstract as you want it to be.

The important thing is to just have FUN with it!!  🙂


The Rules:

1.  Put together your creative ‘portrait’ and take a picture, posting it on your blog anytime between now and Friday (August 30th).

2.  Comment on this post and include the link to your blog post.

3.  I will post the pics on an upcoming blog post for all to see!

Ready… Set… Let’s CREATE!  :)

***And don’t forget, I’m always open to ideas for this ‘Bloggers Like Us’ segment, so let me know if you have any thoughts or even challenges that you might like to see featured!***


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