Sometimes you feel like superwoman… sometimes you don’t

During my morning run the other day, I felt like superwoman.  The dirt kicked up beneath my feet, as I ran — faster than I ever had before — through the bumpy neighborhood streets.  The wind tousled my hair.  My lungs deeply breathed in the brisk morning air, and my legs were strong.  I felt as though I was about to conquer the world!  But then, I felt a warm kaplop on my shoulder, thanks to a grumpy old bird who decided to take a poop just as I ran underneath.

Suddenly, I crash-landed back to reality.

And I realized that I might not be superwoman…  But at least I got out there and ran!  🙂

I totally wanted to write an official blog post tonight, but I’m busy packing for me and Nate’s first road trip!!  🙂  So I will be posting a Bloggers Like Us challenge before I go, and then I’ll catch up on blogging once we get back.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes you feel like superwoman… sometimes you don’t”

  1. LOL!! Hilarious.

    They say it’s good luck to be pooped on, although I imagine it was someone who got pooped on who came up with that.

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