Taking a Chance at Tickling Those Ivories

I’ve never really been one to take risks….

It’s not that I’m a scaredy-cat or anything.  I just like knowing that I’ll get out alive.  With all my limbs.  And hopefully no broken bones.  (That one time I fractured my knee-cap was enough adventure to last me a lifetime).

I just tend to like playing it safe.

And sometimes, that’s okay, I suppose.  I like to think that I’m being smart and that I’m weighing all my options before making a decision.  If one choice points to sudden doom, I’m pretty sure it’s not a bad idea to go with your other options.

Unless you are a reality television star, in which case you should definitely go for the sudden doom option.  Ratings, after all.

But then again, there are those take-a-chance moments that offer opportunity.  The chance of a lifetime.  Something better.  Those moments that remind you that it just might be worth aiming for the moon, because even if you don’t land among the stars, you’ll at least know that you gave it a chance.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve started to teach piano lessons.  I took piano lessons from the age of 6 through the age of 18; and what started as something I was required to do, turned into a passion.  Now, I play for the occasional wedding and play every Sunday at church.

I love it soooo much.

So when people started to ask me if I would teach their kids piano lessons, I started to flirt with the idea of… why not?  Of course, I came up with plenty of reasons that fit into the ‘why not category.’  Mainly that I don’t have college training, other than a few semesters.  And I’ve never taught private lessons before.  And I could fail.

I’m slowly learning, however, that if something you try doesn’t work out, it doesn’t necessarily mean you failed.  It just means that it wasn’t right for you.  It means that you’re meant to try something else.  But at least you know that and won’t be left one day wondering… what if.  I might realize sooner-than-later that teaching piano lessons isn’t for me. Or that I’m not qualified.  But the thing is that I might be actually really good at it…

And I’ll never know unless I try.

So I purchased an entire curriculum of piano music and have started teaching two little girls.  It’s keeping me busy, since I work full-time right now on top of it.  But I see such opportunity ahead if this does work out.  It could be a side job for me to make a bit of extra money, once we’re living on one salary.  Plus I could make my own hours, work from home, and bring in $15 per half hour… which is way more than the part-time jobs pay around this area.

Will this work out?  I’m not sure…  I might blog in a few weeks and tell you all that piano teaching wasn’t my thing.  But right now?  Right now I’m trying something new.  I’m taking a chance.

And honestly, so far, I’m absolutely loving it.  🙂  Those two little girls are learning piano, and they’re learning it from me.  I’m explaining theory, and they’re understanding it.  They draw me pictures to hang on my fridge and jump around in excitement when they get a ‘Great Job’ smiley face drawn on the songs they complete.

So, yeah, whatever happens, I’m definitely thinking this is one chance that I’m so glad I decided to take.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Taking a Chance at Tickling Those Ivories

  1. I’m discovering more and more that life is about taking chances. I never regret trying and failing but I almost ALWAYS regret not trying.

    You’re going to make a great piano teacher!! And are those COLORED pictures I see in those piano books? It makes me want to take lessons all over again…haha!

  2. I love it! I have a friend who was in your shoes a year ago – just started teaching piano to a couple of people after she got home from work… well as of this month she decided to quit her job and is now teaching piano at home full time. Which is perfect for her and her husband as they are entertaining the notion of starting a family sometime. Anyway, whether it ends up being something you will love long term or not, I’m glad you are giving it a chance! You are going to be such a great teacher for those little girls! 🙂

  3. $15?! Sounds like you’re undercharging. I think I paid $25 or $30 when I took piano lessons twenty years ago.
    …although now that I think about it, that might have been for an hour. I can’t remember.

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