Mismatched Mondays

Pasta Night

Italian food only tastes that much better if it’s in the shape of cats.  Take my word for it…

Thank you, Sarah, for the Cat Lover’s pasta.  Nate and I loved it!!!


Something’s Fishy

Over the weekend, I came to the realization that I have to stop being so shy in public.  I’m trying my best, but it’s just so hard.  😉


Fashion Fun

I decided to try out the latest fad of painting one or two nails a different color than the others.  I managed to completely confuse Nate who couldn’t understand why two of my nails were pink and the rest were blue.  I explained that they were accent nails… He seemed to think that it was more of an ‘accident’ than an ‘accent’… 😉  But I think they kind of grew on me after awhile.

Hey, it was a fun experiment anyway!


Fuzzy Felines

“You spent HOW much on your last shopping trip???”


Foody Fun

Sarah found the longest French fry ever over the weekend…  And she ate it all by herself…. without sharing!

That left only these fries for me and my mom to share.  😉

Yeah, what could be better than sitting at a picnic table with two of your favorite ladies and eating a side of fries?  Pretty much nothing!


Are you my mother?

I love this pic of me and my mom, taken this weekend on our trip to Kittery, Maine.

Fun times!!!

Me and my sister did some major shopping at the Outlets!  🙂  (I’ll share my finds later this week).

What’s something random about your weekend?


8 thoughts on “Mismatched Mondays

  1. I LOVE your nails…you need to teach me how to do this. And also how to make the nail coat last longer!!

    Random thing from my weekend: I realized how fast I can run down a mountain if it’s thundering out…haha!!

  2. LOVE the different colors on the nails. And Kevin’s reaction would be exactly the same as Nate’s. Kind of like the time I told him I wanted a little thin belt to accent my waist on a long flowy shirt – he got this confused look and asked, “But why? What’s the point? The belt isn’t holding up pants or anything?”

    Random from my weekend —> the appliance guys delivered the wrong brand of fridge to the new house. Of course we all discovered this AFTER they had to dismantle it piece by piece to get it in the house (narrow door), and then put it back together in the kitchen.

    1. Ha! I LOVE that look, but Nate also would be confused by the thin belt not holding up any pants. LOL!!

      And that is too horrible about your fridge! You’ll laugh about it someday!! Ha, ha. But for the moment, that is major frustration!!!

    2. I’d probably have the same reaction to the belt thing. I’m not great at accessorizing.
      I hate it when guys wear touques when the weather isn’t cold. I don’t get it.

  3. Can’t wait to see your shopping finds!

    I also am loving that cat pasta and Nate’s reaction to your nails LOL!

    Also, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I love when I click onto your blog and see your header. It makes me smile every time!

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