A Camping We Will Go

I love the math of camping…

No makeup + no hair products + no cares about wardrobe = no problem.

You all know that my sister Sarah and I adore shopping and any occasion that requires dressing up.  But what you might not know is that she and I definitely have a tom-boy side too.  My dad brought us up with a love of hiking, camping, running and taught us to not be afraid of getting dirty.  So while I do appreciate my shower and makeup kit on a normal basis, I also LOVE how camping gives me an excuse to not care about those things for a few days.

Suddenly, the only things that matter are comfortable clothes, yummy food, and lots of fresh air.

Of course, finding the perfect marshmallow stick is pretty important too.  And as you can see by the following video, my sister Sarah and I definitely had different methods of picking out our sticks.  😉   AND as you can see, my sister and I are as giggly when we go camping as we are — well — any other day of the year.  😉


3 thoughts on “A Camping We Will Go

  1. Bahaha!!!

    You guys are the bestest and I had such a blast. We need to have more campfires/campouts/marhsmallow-stick-hunting-adventures soon. 😀

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