Summer Wardrobe Restock

After yesterday’s post, I’m ready for a more light-hearted fun post!  Thanks for all the encouraging comments, great ideas (hmmm, YES, I think it’s a good idea that Nate and I go on House Hunters), and reminders to keep things positive.  Life decisions can get overwhelming sometimes, can’t they?

I hope she doesn’t mind my sharing this beautiful line of writing, but I just can’t get it out of my mind.  My friend Mandy put it so well, when she wrote me, saying, “In every aspect of life we try to discern the wisest path, but in the end we step out in faith, knowing that even if we are wrong, we are doing the best we can and we have a loving Father Who will take care of us.”

Yes, yes, YES!  Nate and I had to get some arguments out (hey, we’re a human, married couple), but we’ve finally made it to the same page.  We’re working through the house situation together.  But there really is no easy decision.  Buying or maintaining a house is scary, especially in this economy.  So what Mandy said really clicked with me.  We can only pray that we make the right decision and make those decisions with as much discernment as possible, but — in the end — you trust that God will guide you, whatever the outcome.


Now let’s talk clothes!

I think it was Amy that asked me how the summer wardrobe was coming along, so I thought I’d do a quick update on that.  (For the newcomers, my hubby accidentally donated almost my entire summer wardrobe to Salvation Army, so I’ve been scrambling to restock the wardrobe… especially for work).

First things first…  Is anyone else having issues with this year’s summer wardrobe styles?  Here in New England, everything is completely sheer, a little too short, or sweaters.  Yes, sweaters.  Granted, they’re thin sweaters, but we’re facing one of the hottest summers we ever have, so I’ve pretty much chosen to wear repeat outfits over purchasing the too-warm tops.

I have found a few work tops, thanks to The Loft.  I bought these two light T’s that can be dressed up for days at the office.  They have a half-zipper on the back and look cute with jeans or with dress pants.

Also from the Loft, I bought these two work-appropriate dresses for $25 each.  (YAY for sales!!).

A great sale at Dress Barn turned this dress purchase into a great deal as well.  I bought the dress for $24.

Tonight I purchased these two dresses from TJ Maxx.  I tried the one on the right for a laugh, because I thought it was modern and strange.  I ended up loving how it fit and bought the $100 dress for $25.  It’s definitely unlike anything I’ve worn before, but — hey — you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone once in awhile.  😉

As for casual tops, I’ve again been turning to The Loft.  They’ve had some great stock-up sales, so I bought a bunch of T’s and tanks for $8 each.

Sooooo, it’s getting there!  Bargain shopping takes a bit longer, but it’s totally worth it.  I have been wearing a ton of repeat outfits at work, but I kind of don’t care.  There was a time that I’d be embarrassed about it, but — eh — I kind of just laugh about it these days and do what I can to pick up sale items whenever I can.  🙂

Where did you last do your bargain shopping?


7 thoughts on “Summer Wardrobe Restock

  1. I hate wearing dresses but love them on everyone else. I especially dig your two from TJMaxx and the one with green stripes! OW OW! I’ll be surprised if Nate even lets you out of the house wearing any of those 😉 The animal print looks like a good date nite dress!

    I pretty much wear the same 5-8 tops all year long. I have four pairs of shorts and two pairs of jeans and that’s about it. I know… it’s pathetic. If you start a Fashion Emergency helpline, I’ll be the first caller.

    1. First of all, my gorgeous friend, you ALWAYS look amazing in your pics, so you obviously are rocking the outfits you have! Secondly, one day we will have to go shopping together. Not because I think you need help… but because I think it would be out-of-this-world fun. 🙂

  2. I’m loving your summer restock clothes! They are gorgeous! And you’re right about stepping out in faith… we can try our best to make good decisions and pray and consult with God. We just have to do our best and trust God!

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