It’s Getting Hot in Here

Hello my bloggy friends,

I apologize for the lack of blogging this week… but I have melted.

Rumor has it that some severe thunder-storms this weekend will bring back the tolerably hot weather.  But for now, I am living in a sauna.  (No really, my house doesn’t have AC, so it seriously feels like a sauna).  And apparently, when it gets this hot, I lose any writing or photography capabilities, because — well — I pretty much lose my mind.

I always thought I liked the heat, but I guess 100 degrees is my limit.  It feels like I’m in Florida… except without the palm trees.  (I’m kind of sad about that, because I love palm trees).

Anyway, I will be back soon.

Until then, stay cool!!!  🙂


8 thoughts on “It’s Getting Hot in Here

  1. Ditto all of that except I do have AC so maybe I have no excuse for not blogging the last two days? Heat screws with my body though, especially going inside and outside multiple times in a day. No bueno. I hope it cools down for both of us soon! How do you even sleep?!?!?

  2. So I love the heat, but I also have A/C so that is probably a big part of it, haha! I haven’t lived without A/C since we lived in China. And that definitely WAS hot without a break from the heat! Hope a cool front comes in for ya soon!

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