Mismatched Mondays


My sister Sarah and I are on a matching streak, completely by accident, I assure you.  But somehow, we’re just on the same wavelength these days when it comes to clothes.  We’re never wearing the exact same outfit, but it sure does come close.  (For those of you who are new to this blog, I’m the one wearing the white and orange stripes). 😉


A Touch of Pizzaz  

I am LOVING the new, textured nail polishes from Sally Hansen.

Thanks to a sale at Target, I had also purchased the Pink Sprinkle polish from the Sugar Coat line to try, and it’s so perfect for summer!  (Remember the sparkly, sand paintings that you’d do as a kid?  There was sticky paper and you had to sprinkler colored sand onto the appropriate spaces to make sparkly pictures?  It reminds me of that!).  The end result is super sparkly and even rough to the touch, as though you covered your nails with the tiniest of gems… or sugar! 🙂


Just Chillin’

The weather has been SO incredibly hot and humid here in New England the past few days.  Over the weekend, Nate and I decided to forego our usual walk around the campground and to swim instead.  Sometimes, happiness is living close to a lake.


Sometimes, happiness is also icecream for dinner, because it’s just too hot to eat anything else.


Hidden Talents

Nate was randomly snapping photos the other day (while I was being silly and posing for my sister… who was also snapping photos).  And one of the pics totally came out artsy, and I kind of like it.  Seriously, Nate does have some photography talent, which he’s only now discovering.  Who knows what he’ll do next.  Start his own blog??


He’s also apparently a skilled canon-rider.  Who knew?!?


Just as long as he remembers me when he’s famous.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Mismatched Mondays

    1. Just 2 thin coats. 🙂

      And I’ve been trying to get Nate to do a guest post forever! Ha, ha. He’s actually a great writer. Maybe someday! 😉

    1. You probably already do this, but ‘definitely’ don’t skip the topcoat step. I NEVER used to use a topcoat, and my nails would be chipping by day # 2! But now that I use a topcoat, the color doesn’t chip as quickly, and I only have to touch up a nail or two in order to get through the week.

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