Welcome to New England! – (Bloggers Like Us)

My sister and I collaborated and posted some of our favorite New England pics.  And since we couldn’t decide which ones to use, this one ran a tad bit long too.  🙂

So without further ado, this is me and Sarah’s representation of our home.

New England is…

Long walks on the beach, feeling sand in your toes, listening to seagulls screaming over-head, fried clam shacks, and feeling the ice-cold waves rush against your legs.

It’s fresh maple syrup, apple orchards, berry picking, large mugs of fresh apple cider,

and peach picking.

It’s farmland, filled with lazy cows, rows of corn, and tractors.  It’s delicious fresh cheese and homemade breads.

It’s bumpy, winding roads, shaded by the thick trees of the surrounding forest.

It’s the quaint, coastal towns of Rockport, Massachusetts,

… filled with bright buildings, large boats, and fishing gear.

It’s the waterfalls of New Hampshire,

rushing through the White Mountains.

It’s fields of flowers.

It’s bustling cities…

… and a whole lot of history.  (This is a picture of The Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts — home of the “shot heard around the world” from the American Revolution).

It’s rustic campgrounds, shaded by sweet-smelling pine,

… and it’s pumpkins in the fall.

It’s the sailboats of Cape Cod…

… and adorable, quaint cottages.

It’s lighthouses…

… and — most importantly — foliage in the fall.

It’s the peaceful beauty of Vermont,

covered bridges,

and the beautiful coast of Mystic Seaport, Connecticut.

Despite my love of a good Starbucks latte, it’s most definitely Dunkin Donuts.  Or Dunkies, as we call it.  There’s definitely one on ever corner.  (Unless you’re in Boston, in which case there are two on every corner).  😉

And when it comes down to it, New England is… home.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Welcome to New England! – (Bloggers Like Us)

  1. GORGEOUS! Since I’ve only been to New England in the winter and for work trips, I haven’t seen a lot of this stuff. (Update here!) And sadly, we won’t be going to New England for vacation this year 😦 😥 That news broke my whimpering little heart. BUT! I still have hopes of getting there some time and experiencing everything you and Sarah love! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’ll make it to New England on vacay someday! 🙂 You almost need more than a week though anyway, if you’re going to tackle more than one of the states. There’s just too much to see! 🙂 You’ll have an amazing vacay, no matter where you decide to go!!!!

  2. Wow, you make me want to visit so bad! The only place I have visited in New England is New York City, and apparently I’m really missing out! Simply beautiful!

  3. Amazing pics!!!! I must admit, as a native New Yorker (and Yankee fan) I had my pre-conceived notions of Boston – but a friend and I spent a long weekend in Salem & Boston 3 years ago, and WOW! Boston is awesome and everyone was super helpful and friendly!! I’ve also always been a fan of Vermont (I lovermont!) Even though people associate it with winter – it’s a beautiful place to visit year round!

    Great post!

    1. I’m SO glad you had a good experience of Boston!! It really is a beautiful city. 🙂 And Vermont really is beautiful year-round, especially in the fall when all of the leaves are red and orange.

  4. Um. Wow. So about that meet up we have planned… I’m thinking it needs to happen in your neck of the woods! What gorgeous photos! Absolutely breath-taking! You and Sarah did a great job collaborating on this one. 🙂

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