Bloggers Like Us – There’s No Place Like Home – Part I

The Recap:

Once a month, I post a segment called Bloggers Like Us.  In it, I propose a question, asking for a picture of one of your favorite things, spots, memories, or foods.  Then, if you choose to participate (which I truly hope you will!!!), you will just need to post a picture on your blog to answer the question by a designated time.  (You can even include a short paragraph or sentence as a caption).

And then, when I post the next Bloggers Like Us segment, I include all of your pics, and we’ll get to know even more about each other. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!


This Month’s Challenge:

Share a pic that represents the little corner of the world that you call home!


Rach from This Italian Family shared a bright, cheerful mural representing her bustling hometown.  I highly suggest clicking on the link and checking out her blog if you’re ever visiting the Memphis area.  (Or if you’re just looking for a fun read with great pics).

She definitely has me wanting to visit!  (And I have to admit that it would be way cool to meet her finally).  🙂



Janelle from The 20 What is a girl after my own heart, because she picked York’s Central Market to represent her pic.  Based out of York, PA, the farmer’s market is alive with prepared foods, sweets, gifts, and often live music.  (Janelle’s words, not mine, since I haven’t been… yet).  😉

Central Market York PA produce

This just might have to go on my bucket list to visit someday (along with Memphis), because I LOVE Farmer’s Markets.  We just don’t have any this big out in my neck of the woods.

Central Market York PA music and eating area

I definitely can picture myself picking up some fresh produce and then sitting down at a table — with Janelle of course — to enjoy some homemade goodies!!


Katy from Our Simple Love Story shared pics of her gorgeous, Texan jogging route.  Doesn’t this look straight out of a romantic movie?  I simply adore the lush trees, the lovely benches, and the fact that there is a nicely paved trail to run on.002

And I hope she doesn’t mind that I posted this pic too, because it wasn’t a part of her Bloggers Like Us post.  But she had posted this absolutely gorgeous photo of a field of sunflowers.  Here in New England, we don’t have fields like that, and I have to say that now that I’ve seen these pics, I really want to see a field of sunflowers someday!


Yeah, I know, I know.  I want to see every single place that you are representing!  But seriously, has anyone else seen a field of sunflowers before??  Isn’t it quirky, fun, and stunning all at the same time?


If Janelle didn’t already convince you that you should check out York, PA, then Amy from Amy’s Sandblog will seal the deal!homes5_01

Hiking, beautiful scenery, that amazing farmer’s market, and lots of local vendors to discover.  Oh, yeah, and she said shopping.  Hmmm, yeah, I’m going there someday.


I super-highly recommend her blog post about York, and her previous hometown Greenwood Lake, NY.  It’s an interesting read and chock-full of amazing photo’s.  So click on the link of her blog, and you’ll be whisked there to check it out.

Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!   As I was reading it, I wanted to stuff her entire post (with all the pics) into this one.  I also decided that I WILL visit York someday.  🙂


Amy @ A Desert Girl shared some beautiful pics of her home, and her post was definitely perfectly timed as she and her husband just made an offer on a new house… and it was accepted!

imageI loved her heartfelt — and beautiful — recap, so I posted it here for you all to enjoy.

Home is where Kevin proposed in September of 2012.  Home has a pond and waterfall in the backyard, where beautiful birds come to play and hydrate.  Home has a raised bed planter on the front porch, which housed the mutant pansies {seriously – those things would NOT die.  They were supposed to fade out in February and were still going strong in May when we finally replaced them.}  Home has a beautiful backyard – perfect for reading on the deck during a lazy Sunday morning or grilling a twilight dinner during the hot summer months.  Home has a lot of windows to the world outside for our two cats to gaze out of – and provide plenty of sun spots for them to lounge in.

This post is bittersweet for me.  Kevin and I made an offer on a house and it has been accepted.  So we’ll be moving soon.  A new house.  A new neighborhood.  A house that we picked out together – that we can customize and make our own.  It’s exciting and scary and everything that buying a house should be.  But we’re sad to leave our current place.  It has been the very definition of home sweet home.  And there will never be another place quite like it.


Tiffany from Figuring Out the Plot wrote about her family farm in rural New Mexico!  She wrote so beautifully about how one might see a field of dirt, a line of evergreens along a dusty road, or even just a pile of manure.  But she sees SO much more.

This was another heartfelt post that I think you would enjoy reading, so click on the link to check out her post in its entirety!


 I love how proud everyone is of their homes and how there is so much heart coming through!


Jessie @ Our Old Dirt Road is just stepping into the place that will become home!  Movie nights at home, homecooked meals, picnics in the backyard, tears, laughter, and lots of home decorating is all a blank slate simply waiting to happen.


And I have to say that I’m kind of in love with her visions of a future walk-in closet!!  Pink, huge, and full of shoes?  Hmmm, yes, please!


Gina from Millions of Suns captured memories of the state she grew up in… and a place that she still considers home.  New Jersey.  In particular, she remembers spending warm summer days at Avon-by-the-Sea, located on the Jersey Shore.


These pictures are particularly priceless now, in the wake of the superstorm Sandy which left this beautiful shoreline in ruin.


She put it so wonderfully when she wrote, “I know that soon enough, there will be a boardwalk bustling with activity and food stands and that there will be a new normal, with new memories for present generations as well as the generations to come. But I am also grateful that I have these little snapshots of the past, so that when my memory fades as too much time passes, there will always be a little memento of “home”.

Thank you SO much, everyone, for participating this month!!!!  You all did an amazing job at convincing me that I should travel to your home states someday!  🙂

This post was getting long… so MY representation of New England comes tomorrow!!  🙂


7 thoughts on “Bloggers Like Us – There’s No Place Like Home – Part I

  1. You have all these free places to stay now that you made friends all over the country!

    People love visiting our neighboring county, Lancaster, a lot too. Shopping, farmers markets, artsy downtown, PA Dutch influences (food, quilts, etc) and a big Amish population.

    I can’t wait to hear about New England!!!

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