Just a Day in the Life of Humphrey

As you all know, I have been trusted with the precious task of taking care of Humphrey this week for my sister Sarah.  Of course, as you also know, I have this thing for nicknaming pets, and — apparently — this little quirk of mine doesn’t just apply to my own pets.

So I may, or may not, have called him Mr. Humpy-Bumps a few times over the past couple of days.

But don’t worry, he doesn’t mind.

He is, however, quite particular when it comes to — well — everything else.

He can’t have the same flavor of food for dinner as he had for breakfast. And if there is a bit of food left in the fridge for him, that flavor can’t be mixed with another flavor at the same meal.  Oh, and he likes his food heated… for exactly 12 seconds.

After breakfast, he likes to make time for a not-so-modest stretch on Sarah’s bed, revealing a rolly-polly belly just begging for a good belly-rub.  Only he doesn’t like belly rubs very much.

Nate found that out the hard way…

Humphrey does like to play though.  Today he was especially hyper and played for a whole two minutes.

Then he got sleepy and decided to take a nap.

What the life.  It’s a good thing that my cats aren’t that spoiled…

Now excuse me as I run upstairs to heat my cat’s caviar.  😉


5 thoughts on “Just a Day in the Life of Humphrey

  1. You are the bestest!!! I felt so relaxed and relieved knowing that Humphrey was in the hands of someone who loves cats in the same way that I do. 😀

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