Guest Post – “Alaska… Land of the Midnight Sun”

Growing up, there was nothing that excited my brother, sister and I quite like a visit with the S family.  While my mom and Mrs. S would chat in the kitchen, we kids would run around the neighborhood, throwing a football around or playing capture the flag.  Krista and I, the oldest of the girls, did our best to keep everyone in line and out of trouble, while the boys — Matt (my bro), Matt, and Andrew– would tease us mercilessly, as only young boys know how to ‘torment’ young girls.  When we were finally exhausted and completely covered in dirt and mud, we’d crash into the kitchen for snacks and juice. 

It was simply the best of times… and now the best of memories.  The S family is very dear to my heart… And now, years later, I am still friends with Krista (who I need to get in touch with, as we’re due to catch up).  🙂   And I look up to Mr. and Mrs. S, as they have proven (just as my parents have) that a strong, loving marriage is possible when God is the center and family comes first.

So I am truly excited and honored to introduce Mrs. S to you all!  Sheryl is an amazing photographer and recently visited Alaska with Mr. S.  When I saw some of her pics and read about her adventures, I knew that I would love to have her write a guest blog, because — well — Alaska is an amazing place that so many of us have never seen.

So without further ado, I present you with a guest blog post by Sheryl.  🙂   Enjoy!!!  (Oh, and which picture is your favorite??  I love the statue of Balto, because I remember loving the cartoon based on his story.  And I could look at those pictures of the mountains all day!).


This was one of our first views of Alaska, at 11:30 p.m. no less!

My husband Rick and I traveled to Anchorage AK to visit our son Andrew and his wife Caitlin.  Andrew is stationed in Anchorage with the Air Force.  We spent 11 wonderful, awe-filled and fun days in AK.  This view is after we had landed and were on our way to the base where we  would meet Andrew & Caitlin.  Seeing it so light out at so late an hour was very surreal, and I don’t think I ever quite got used to it!
Alaska truly is the land of the midnight sun!!
Rick and I took part in our first-ever-road race. We ran, I mean jogged/walked the 6k

and it was a blast!!!
 Sunday evening we had tickets to see Mary Poppins.
Before the show we did a bit of sight-seeing in downtown Anchorage.
Andrew being the “tourist” for me.
There are lots of murals in AK.
On Monday, Rick and I drove south to Seward.  We drove along the Seward Highway, which is a National Scenic Byway and……..gorgeous!!!
This pipe was on the side of the highway.

It was good, clean water! 🙂
We stopped at every turnoff that we could.
This was Beluga Point. We didn’t see any Beluga

but the views were worth the stop!
This part of the Seward Highway is called Turnagain Arm named after Captain Cook.
It’s a stretch of road that meanders by Cook inlet.
It is called Turnagain Arm because Captain Cook had to turn again after he realized that the body of water was an inlet and not a passage to the Atlantic
 At the end of Turnagain Arm is the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.
 The safe way to take a moose’s pic.
They have a huge herd of

wood buffalo they intend to
release into the wild in 2015.
One of my favorite places

was Exit Glacier in Seward.
It was cool to walk right up to the glacier and touch it

catch a drip. 🙂
This trip was such a blessing

to both Rick and I.
I felt God’s hand over the entire trip!
 Rick and I didn’t think we were going to do the Sea Life Center. It didn’t sound interesting from the description we read.  But Caitlin had a coupon (if there’s a coupon we’re in!) so we decided to try it.
We were so glad we did!

It was lots of fun and we enjoyed everything we saw.
This was across the street…

another AK mural.
More on the Seward Highway

on the way back to
At Potter Marsh
Another blessing of this trip

was getting to spend lots of time
with Andrew & Caitlin
The bike trail in Anchorage……gorgeous!
On Wed. Rick and I took

a short hike
the birch trees are beautiful
drove through Wasilla,

but didn’t see Sarah 😦
And then drove thru Hatcher Pass

where the views are stunning!
We were looking for:
But it’s still covered in snow and not accessible! 😦
Thurs. we did the seven and a half hour
drive up to Fairbanks
On the way we stopped and

saw the north side of
Mt. McKinley
 The views along this road
were amazing too!
Friday was another favorite spot:
This was another blessing.

Our intention was to just drive as far as private cars were allowed:15 miles. But when we looked into the shuttle bus ride, we knew this was something we should do!
We are so glad we did!  We saw so much!  Four Grizzly Bears, one wolf, a fox, lots of Dall sheep and lots
of caribou.
Sadly, my camera only zooms in so far….  I was only able to get photos of the sheep and fox that turned out well.
The views here were amazing!
So majestic

God is so awesome!
One of Andrew’s nicknames

is Buck
A quilt on display

in the visitors’ center
the antlers from two moose

that locked antlers
and died that way!
we did not see any moose in the park
but saw this one on the way

back to Anchorage
We saw the Alaska train

quite a bit in our travels.
It even passes through the base
 This was on base
It was a wonderful trip!

And full of memories we will treasure!

8 thoughts on “Guest Post – “Alaska… Land of the Midnight Sun”

  1. Aww sweet, loving people. I love all things mountainy so pretty much every pic was my favorite. How cool is it to touch a glacier?!? Pretty rad.

    Alaska is one of our long-term dream vacations. My boyfriend has joked about moving there (thank you, Alaska State Troopers tv show) and if it weren’t for being crazy far away from PA, I would be all about it!

  2. Wow, what a great trip! And I couldn’t help but notice your Alzheimer Walk t-shirt! We have been doing the walk for the past three years in honor of our loved ones, and I have that shirt!

    1. That’s awesome, Katy!! I’ve been wanting to do an Alzheimer Walk for awhile now (in memory of my Memere), but haven’t yet. It’s a great cause!

  3. What a great guest post!! I loved reading this. And you brought back so many wonderful, wonderful memories. 😀

    Oh, and BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!!!

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