In order to rebel against the fashion rules I had initiated during my first trip to Nevada, I wore an American Eagle T, jeans, and flip flops for this trip.  Granted, I did stand out a bit, when compared to some of the fancier dressed travelers.  But comfort was the main focus, and I had been assured that Reno is about as different as you can get from Vegas.

And — hey — I matched the wallpaper in our hotel room, so it was all good.

Yeah, I know, the décor is a bit busy.  But it reminded me of my Memere’s couch, so I kind of found it grandmotherly and comforting.  (In a I-would-never-decorate-like-this-at-my-house kind of way).  Nate, on the other hand, physically felt dizzy by the pattern and nearly fell over more than once.

The rest of the hotel was pretty fancy-schmancy though, complete with golden accents, shiny mirrors, six restaurants, a Starbucks, a glass-encased indoor pool, and a casino.

Oh, yeah, and there was this giant gold-digger out back who kept sticking his tongue out at me…

So I did what any blogger would do and took my picture with him.

Actually, Nate was supposed to be taking a picture of me in my new $16.99 dress from TJMaxx, but he apparently thought that the Golden Nugget Miner should also be in the shot.

For the next attempt, Nate did get all of me in the pic… but he also thought that the entire hotel shouldn’t be left out.

Oh, well…

Two can play that game!  😉

Anywho, Reno didn’t have very much to do and was much quieter than Vegas.  It was like someone had dropped a casino and a deserted railroad town smack-dab in the middle of a desert.

But since Nate and I were kept extremely busy during the weekend between the dinners, ceremonies, dinners, seminars, and dinners, it worked perfectly fine for us.

Oh, did I mention dinners?  😉  The desserts were especially amazing, I have to say.  I just might have dreams about this strawberry shortcake square.

There were layers of pound cake, smothered in cream and stuffed with sweet chunks of fresh strawberries.  Soooo yummy!!

The ceremonies themselves often left me emotional, and — I won’t lie — I even cried at one point.  It broke my heart when, during a ceremony that was held in honor of Correction Officers who had lost their lives, a mother and her two little girls walked to the front of the stage to be presented with an award.  Their husband and father had been taken away all too soon.

And it hit home that I could have also been honored during that ceremony, because Nate came so close to dying in the line of duty last year.  But instead, we were there together, and he was being honored for bravery in the line of duty.  So I was left with overwhelming sensations of sadness, gratefulness, pride, and loss.

It was a huge relief when the CO’s and their families were ushered to a nearby state park for a BBQ on Friday night.  It was a chance to unwind, to take a deep breath, and even to laugh.

The grounds were absolutely beautiful and reminded me of the state parks back home.

Of course, back home, the grassy fields aren’t surrounded by desert mountains and hills.  😉

But still, everything else was the same.  🙂

Granted, this trip was a whirlwind get-away…

In fact, it was so fast that this blog post is just all over the place, quite like my cat after a whiff of catnip.

But it was a good time, just the same.

I especially loved the ceremony where Nate was honored for his bravery.  The speakers said some amazing things about him and about his character, which was truly revealed when he ignored his own safety (even after being seriously injured) in order to defend a female officer being assaulted.

Gosh, I’m proud of him!

Well, that was our trip in a nutshell.  Until next time, Nevada!

For now, it sure is good to be home.  🙂


12 thoughts on “Reno!

  1. What a great trip! That wallpaper is really…special. 🙂 Also, loved the photo war in front of the hotel between you and Nate! So glad you had such a special trip. I probably would have been crying too.

  2. Your dresses! Dang you are gorgeous.

    I cry any time someone else is crying. I would’ve been a hot mess at those ceremonies! I think you kept it together pretty darn well 🙂

    Hugs for both of you!

  3. I would have been crying through the whole ceremony, stopping only to devour that strawberry shortcake (wow-amazing-how-delicious). What an emotionally draining weekend! It looks like you guys had fun though. I hope that your week is pretty low key so you can catch up.

    Where did you get the second dress? The patterned black & white with the belt. Soooo cute!

  4. Oh my goodness girl, you are just so cue in your outfits I love it! Your dresses are adorable and it looks like it was a nice relaxed trip, though emotional and heartfelt too. Reno looks worlds apart from Las Vegas, it looks like it was a quiet little town!

  5. Every time you write about what happened last year, I get all teary-eyed all over again. I am so grateful that Nate was okay. It still amazes me when I think about everything the doctors said. Anyway, I am glad that he is still being honored and that you guys got to go to this ceremony.

    On a lighter note – all of your outfits are adorable! And the shot of you with the hotel in the background is great! You have such great legs – they look a mile long!

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