I’ve Only Begun to Pack

The first time Nate and I flew to Las Vegas, I was packed and ready to go… weeks in advance.

Obviously, I wanted to make sure that Nate and I both had appropriate attire, since everyone knows that American Eagle T-shirts and cowboy boots don’t belong in Vegas the way they do in New England.  Of course, I learned very quickly that people in Vegas wear whatever they feel like wearing.  And so after seeing women decked out in long fur coats, men wearing obnoxious plaid suits, a few pirates, and a half-naked Catwoman, I realized that T-shirts and boots wouldn’t have stuck out the way I had thought they would.

And so here I am on the eve of yet another trip to Nevada (for another award-ceremony that Nate has been invited to), and — well — I’ve only begun to pack.  Which is why this blog post is more or less just a blog blurb.  😉  Because my flight leaves in the morning, whether or not I remembered to pack my toothbrush, cocktail dress, and camera.

Well, here’s to a few days of adventure and seeing new places.  I’m sure that we’ll be flying over a few of you on my cross-country flight to Nevada, so Nate and I will be waving “hello”!!  🙂


8 thoughts on “I’ve Only Begun to Pack

  1. You know what this means? You’re becoming a regular, seasoned traveler, ready to leave at a moment’s notice. I hope you guys have FUN! 😀

  2. How fun! I remember reading about your other trip. It sounds like you listing the necessaries. Just remember, worst case scenario, unless it’s a narcotic prescription, you can buy it there if you need to! (I always have to remind myself of that, even though I do bring a checklist on every trip I take)

  3. Yay for more traveling! Another award for Nate– he so deserves it. And you deserve one for being the best wife to him 🙂

    Have fun! Can’t wait to see pictures!

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