Flirty 30

I’ve lost count of the reasons why I didn’t think — for a second — that there was a surprise birthday party being planned.  But one of the biggest reasons was that I had planned my own birthday part of sorts with my immediate family for Saturday.  😉  It’s just so difficult for all of us to get the same day off from work that I thought it might be fun for us to spend the entire day together, just like old times.

Hey, if there’s an excuse to spend time with my family, I’ll take it!

Besides, turning 30 was something I wanted to celebrate… and I most definitely wanted to celebrate it in my favorite city (a.k.a. Boston) with my favorite family (a.k.a. the Waltons).

Kidding, of course!   🙂  About my favorite family, anyway.  I still heart Boston, oh-so-much!

Since you only turn 30 once, I thought to myself, “Why not check something off of my Bucket List Life Sparkles list… and force my family to come with me”?  (Of course, they’re all good sports, so no family members were forced to do anything for the sake of this blog post).  😉  In fact, I think my mom may have been even more excited than I was.

Of course, I was pretty excited too, because I’ve always wanted to go on a Duck Tour.  I know that most large cities have them, and they’re about as touristy as you can get.  And really, I probably should have outgrown this desire, when I hit the ripe ol’ age of 12.

But, well, once in awhile I kind of like silly, mindless, we’re-just-here-to-have-fun activities.  To be honest, they really quack me up.

Ha!  Get it??  They quack me up?

Sorry, I’m moving on…

Even though I’ve been well-versed in the history of Boston and have been down the majority of streets, I’ve never driven through Boston on a World War II amphibious landing vehicle.  I mean, seriously, how cool is that?

(Oh, and for the record, it’s perfectly okay to make a duck face, when you’re about to step onto a duck tour).

The vehicles are what hold most of the allure of the trip, especially if your driver seems to get bored with the trip halfway through the drive, and your husband suddenly finds the need to ‘quack’ really loudly to liven things up.  😉  But we still had a BLAST, and I officially want a truck that can go on land and water.  (Although I’d probably fall asleep at the wheel, because gently gliding over the waves was so relaxing).

The views were pretty amazing too, as you can see by this lovely pic that my sister took.

After the tour we headed straight for Maggiano’s Little Italy, which is one of my favorite Italian restaurants.

I ordered the Baked Ziti with sausage, which was so delicious that I wished I had more room in my stomach… or a refrigerator compartment in my purse to hold leftovers.  (Hmmm, why hasn’t anyone invented that yet)?

Sarah, on the other hand, ordered spaghetti and a meatball the size of her head.  Yes, my peeps, she ate that whole meatball.  I’m not proud to call her my sister for nothing!

I, on the other hand, can’t handle my food so well.

Or we’ll blame it on the food coma anyway…  Because it sure took me a long time to remember how old I was.  Then again, they do say that memory is the first thing to go.

It’s a good thing that my parents are proud of me anyway.  🙂

Nate, on the other hand, was a little bit nervous of my now-flirty thirty ways.  But apparently, he’s the one I have to watch out for.  While he was standing on a street corner beside the park, a limo full of girls drove by; and the girls pointed at him… then screamed, “We love you!”

Don’t worry, I screamed back, “He’s married!”

Then I tied him to a tree and taped a sign to his shirt, which read, “Private property.”

It’s a good thing that in addition to receiving a camera strap, cookbook, gift cards, and an engraved wooden spoon for my birthday, I also received a Hawaiian guard kitty!

No one gets past this guy.

No one!  🙂

Well, now that I’m officially 30, I think I can stop posting birthday celebrating recaps.  I’ll try anyway!  😉  Hey, like I said, you turn 30 once.  You might as well live it up.  🙂

What is one of your favorite birthday memories?


11 thoughts on “Flirty 30

    1. We’ve actually had Highstreet and Stitchy for almost 5 years now. (Wow, I can’t believe that!). But he’s newly trained in his guard-duty responsibilities. 😉

  1. I’m not too proud to do touristy things. Now carrying a map is a different story… that I just try to memorize and navigate from memory. I love that you convinced everyone to do this! And once again, happy birthday!!! Is Nate younger or older? I can’t remember.

  2. I LOVE the duck face picture before going on the duck bus tour. I also love the Hawaiian cat look. There are never too many birthday posts (much like Hawaii posts really).

    In Victoria there was a hippo bus that basically does the same thing as the duck bus. I kinda wanted to try it….

  3. YOU really quack me up! 😉 {sorry, couldn’t resist}

    So glad you guys had so much fun! Also, Maggianos is my FAVORITE Italian chain. I’ve had their spaghetti and meatball and it is SO good! They definitely have my favorite spaghetti sauce! 🙂

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