My Sneaky, Sneaky Friends and Family

I am blessed to be a part of one of the most talented, loving, generous, just all-around amazing families.  But if there’s one thing that my family just isn’t good at, it’s keeping secrets.

I remember the time, when I was a teenager, my mom came into my bedroom one night and told me that she was planning a surprise birthday party for me, so who did I want to be invited.  😉  I suppose it all stems down to the fact that we all get so excited about surprising each other that we can’t bare to keep it a secret.

So I didn’t consider — even for a second — that my sneaky, sneaky family was plotting and planning to surprise me with a secret 30th birthday party.

I spent all day with my family yesterday, having fun in Boston and celebrating my birthday; and no one said a thing.  I chatted with my cousin during our last book club.  I told my pastor and his wife that I planned on enjoying a lazy day.  I even called my bestie Ashley, as she was driving to the party!!

No one said a thing!!!  Even Sarah, my bestest friend and sister, managed to keep it a secret!

In fact, everyone was so silent about it that I was honestly a bit surprised.  I mean, had they asked me if I wanted a party, I would have assured them that I didn’t need one.  But why weren’t they asking me, so I could at least tell them that I didn’t need one? 

Nate had the most difficult job, I suppose, since he had to get me to the party on time without raising my suspicions.

On the way home from church, he asked me how long lunch would take to make and then suggested that we just eat salads instead, since he wasn’t hungry.  Then, after picking up iced coffees at Dunkies, he drove me to a nearby park, where we often go for Sunday strolls together.  He said he had discovered a new trail, which just so happened to open to a pavilion filled with pretty pink things… and my sneaky, sneaky bunch of family and friends.  🙂

Nate, my mom, my dad, and my sister did an amazing job with the planning and the decorating.  Nate even made me a Flirty Thirty T-shirt to wear (which was a nice surprise, since I had shown up with a slightly wrinkled T-shirt).  😉

Actually, to be honest, I’m really glad that I hadn’t known about the party, because there was no pressure to do my hair or makeup before I went.  And since our town — not so conveniently — lost electricity earlier today and I hadn’t even been able to wash my hair or to take a decent shower before church, I just showed up casual and comfy… No pressure.  Just pure fun!

My family really is the best.  And I guess since I now know that they are capable of keeping secrets, they pretty much are the perfect family.  🙂

I certainly had the perfect birthday spent with them!


12 thoughts on “My Sneaky, Sneaky Friends and Family

  1. That is so awesome! I am horrible at keeping secrets (like I would tell my mom what I got her from Christmas as soon as I got back from the store when I was little). What a great birthday surprise! I love the shirt!

  2. Congratulations on your birthday Nicole!! You have a lovely family! 🙂 My family and I have only been able to keep secrets since I haven’t lived in the same house anymore … 😉 Love your tshirt and your new blog look!

  3. Oh, I love it! Hooray for your friends and family. How wonderful to be truly surprised by all of it; it looks like it was an awesome party!

    Happy, happy 30th!!!! xo

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