Beach Bummin’ It

We have a saying here in New England that goes like this:  “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”

Exactly a week ago, the day before Memorial Day, temps fell to about 30 degrees; and on the day that many of us had set aside to plant a garden, there was temptation to turn on the heat.  I say there was ‘temptation’ because here in New England, you don’t wear winter jackets or turn on the heat after April.  It’s like against some kind of unwritten code or something; and no matter how little sense it makes as your teeth are chattering, you just freeze it out.

Actually, according to my dad, shivering is all in your head anyway…. but then again, he always was a Clint Eastwood-like toughie who thought camping in the snow — during the middle of winter — was a fun pastime.

I’ll bet he could even stare down a Grizzly, if he tried.  I, on other hand, prefer to feel them run their claws through my hair.  It kind of tickles.

Moving on…

Yesterdays temps rose a bit higher than 30 degrees, reaching 95 degrees by noon.  As in 5 degrees away from 100 degrees.  As in my makeup melted off my face ten degrees ago and –oops — there go my lips.

Thank goodness my sister Sarah and I had already blocked the day off as our designated beach day; and so as the temps rose higher and higher, we were enjoying a cool breeze along the coast of York, Maine.

Well, Sarah (looking quite gorgeous in this pic) was enjoying the cool breeze…

I was grunting like a pig and sweating quite heavily.  After all, when you’re both foodies, getting settled on the beach is no easy task.

Our cooler weighed a ton…

But having platefuls of veggie-filled pasta salad, fresh garden salad, lots of water, cherries, and granola bars sure is worth the workout.  (Although eating can be a bit difficult until the feeling comes back to your arms).

Surprisingly, considering how hot it was, we had the entire beach pretty much to ourselves.  The sun was warm, the salty breeze was the slightest bit cool, the sand sparkled beneath our feet, and the water numbed our toes until they almost fell off.

It was the perfect beach day!

Of course, a beach day in Maine isn’t complete without some lobster.  Or “lobstah”, as we say around these here parts.

Sarah and I stopped at Bob’s Clam Hut, which was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives.  (I’ve been a fan of Guy Fieri for pretty much forever, but now Sarah is obsessed too.  Not like in a creepy-obsessed, but in a hey-can-we-take-a-picture-with-you, and-get-your-autograph, and-drive-around-with-you-in-your-car kind of obsessed).

So, Guy, if you ever read this and you’re in the New England area, you should have lunch with a couple of bloggers who love your Triple D show.  (Hey, you can’t blame a girl for dreaming!)  🙂

Oh, and speaking of dreams coming true, check out this plate of awesomeness.

Bob’s isn’t cheap, but this was definitely one of those occasions where the food was worth every penny.  This was easily the most delicious lobster roll I’ve ever had.  It was served the traditional way with your typical grilled hotdog bun, mayo, and no celery or lettuce. But the lobster meat was the sweetest and freshest I’ve ever had, perfectly juicy and blended with a touch of mayo.

This, my friends, is tastebud heaven.

And this is how a couple of foodies have a beach day.  🙂



14 thoughts on “Beach Bummin’ It

  1. My sister saw Guy Fieri once renting a bike with his son on Lakeshore in Chicago. She didn’t stop him though because she didn’t want to interrupt his family time.

    I really can’t watch DDD. It’s just too much food that it doesn’t look appetizing after a while. Plus I never learn anything and I’d rather learn how to make something than just watch some guy eat it.

    …but anyway your beach day sounds awesome! It’s nice that you have access to some quiet beaches where you are. Popular beaches are overrated! We have lots of beaches here as well (on the Detroit River, Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair) and most of them rarely have any people using them!

    1. Yeah, I have a feeling that I’d be the same way… I wouldn’t want to bother a ‘celebrity’ because I’m sure they get attacked by people all the time! And I wish I was annoyed by Triple D and couldn’t watch it… mainly because I’m always hungry after. LOL!!! And totally agreed! Popular beaches are usually overrated and it’s the secret, quiet ones that are the best. 🙂

  2. Hahah – that definitely is the way of things in the northeast! So jealous you enjoyed such a nice day in Maine. I love it there (both my sisters went to college there – Bates & Bowdoin) and haven’t been in forever! I’m dying to get back!

  3. OH my gosh 30-95!? WHAT A JUMP in temperatures hahaha. Glad it warmed up for the beach day though!! How fun! I am so in love with DDD, I finally saw an episode a couple weeks ago where he was in Olympia Washington, a town that I frequented almost every week! The place he went to was one I walked by and contemplated going into many times, and next time I am in town I will be going there for sure!!

    1. Yeah, and today is like 45 degrees, as of this morning, although I’m sure it will warm up. Still, those temps are jumping ALL over the place! Oh, and I you do go to the restaurant in Olympia that was featured on Triple D, I hope you’ll blog about it!!! 🙂

  4. haha random note: Google sometimes thinks I’m in York, ME because I actually live in York, PA.

    I’m thinking about a New England vacay this summer aaand Bob’s has now been added to my list (I love Triple D also!) I had my first lobster roll over the weekend but as it was in the middle of Pennsylvania, it was pretty much nothing like what you had and I MUST HAVE what you had! John will want to visit battleships and Plymouth rock and historical stuff while his son and I will just be like FEED ME GOOD FOOD! haha. Should be interesting.

    Can’t remember if I said this before but I l-o-v-e your sunglasses!

    1. LOL!!! That is too funny! Oh, and you totally should go to New England for vacay, and I will give you a long list of things to see and eat. Haha. 🙂 (And your vacays sound a LOT like mine… Nate always wants to learn about historical events, and I’m always like, “Is it time to eat yet??”)

      1. Glad we’re in agreement! 🙂 I might take you up on that offer because I am heavily leaning toward a New England vacation over our usual, the South.

  5. I’ve never had a lobster roll, but it sure sounds and looks yummy! And if Guy recommends it then I am definitely in! Your beach day looks absolutely delightful. I love that you guys brought a healthy picnic with you to the beach. We’re notorious about packing PB&Js or turkey sammies just because they are so easy, haha! We should really try to class it up a bit next time. 😉

  6. Mmmmm lobstah! Haha. I have actually never had lobster before (depressing! That needs to change!).

    I am so jealous it hit 95 degrees! It must have been SO nice to sit on the beach a relax with your sister!

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