“Aloha” from… New England!  😉

First, let me start off by saying I MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!  I missed sitting down and blogging each night, and I most certainly missed your delightful comments.  So even if I was a little sad to see my Hawaiian adventures end, I was happy to come home to beautiful New England… and back to all of you, my bloggy friends!

Hawaii was most definitely everything that I had imagined it would be… and more.  That was a huge relief for me, since I’ve dreamed of visiting the tropical island since I was about six years old.  Considering how long I had waited and longed for this vacation, I had a slight feeling of impending doom and feared that maybe Hawaii would end up being a disappointment.  😉

But happily, I can go on loving anything and everything Hawaiian!

The flight down was uneventful, but long.  At the end of spending 12 hours being cooped up in a plane, I was pretty near insanity.  Thank goodness for the layover in LAX after 6 hours to at least let us stretch our legs halfway through the flight there.

Once officially in Hawaii, I was so excited that I felt as though I was going to burst, so I may — or may not — have done a happy dance right in the middle of the airport.  Nate, on the other hand, saved his happy dance for when we picked up our rental car, which was upgraded to a Mustang convertible.

Forget Hawaii, this was his dream come true!  🙂

Who am I kidding, I was kind of excited too.  😉

We figured that this probably would be our only time on the beautiful island of Oahu, so why not live it up??

Our first order of business was to pick up some groceries and other necessities like shampoo / toothpaste / chocolate…

So we drove to Target, which happened to be the most beautiful, tropical-looking Target ever.

Seriously, who knew that Target could be any more amazing than I already knew it to be?

But apparently, it is possible.  Just add some tropical flowers, palm trees, bright sunshine, and an endless ocean of shimmering blue.

Next, we drove out to Makaha, which is on the leeward side of the island.  We had rented an apartment at the Makaha Towers for only $60 a night, which was a great deal but left me feeling a little uneasy as we drove there.  I mean, what can you expect for $60 a night?

Well, it turned out to be absolutely perfect!  The kitchen was charming and adorable…

… the living room was tropical and cozy…

… the dining room and bedroom were classy and comfy…

… and the views completely took my breath away!

So that gives you the background of our trip there…. Now let’s begin the official Hawaii recap!  🙂


6 thoughts on “Aloha!!

  1. Nicole! I have missed you! I’m so glad you guys had such a wonderful trip and that it lived up to all your expectations! Getting a Mustang convertible is a fabulous idea! What a way to live it up! 😀 Both the Target and the apartment look amazing. I am so excited to hear more about your trip! 😀

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