Floppy Hats, Male Models… and what truly matters

Somehow, I haven’t had much luck lately in the buying-new-clothes-to-restock-my-summer-wardrobe department.  Is it just my imagination or are all the stores still selling sweaters and quarter-length blouses, even though 90 degree weather is just around the corner??  So out of pure terror at the possibility of having absolutely nothing to wear, I have been buying accessories and makeup.  Granted, it doesn’t do much to resolve the issues, but it sure does make me feel better in the moment.

After all, I am pretty scary without some eye-liner and foundation.  😉

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Also, I’ve decided that if I am stuck wearing the same shirt to work for the rest of the warm season, I might as well be able to change my purse every day.  Only makes sense.  Somewhat…

Yeah, you’re right, I really do need to get back on track and start buying clothes…. since, you know, I only have about 6 work-appropriate outfits right now.  But fear not!   Tonight, I bought myself a floppy red hat, which was on sale for $13 and was begging me to take it to Hawaii.  So it’s all good!!  🙂

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But in the meantime, I’ve been also realizing that my hubby needs some new clothes, and I would like to see him buy a few new tops before our trip to Hawaii.  Of course, getting him to buy new clothes is like convincing me to give up chocolate for a day.  It’s pure, agonizing torture that results in spasms of terror and then collapses of exhaustion.

I was naïve enough to think that shopping online would solve this issue, as we could do it from the comfort of our dining room.  I even made the online shopping as easy as humanly possible by first going through the options and then picking out my favorites.  The end result went something like this…

Me:  “What do you think about this polo shirt?  I think this would look really good on you.”

Nate, pointing at the male model in the picture:  “He looks kind of strange.”

Me:  “Yeah, he does have kind of a goofy grin.  But what do you think about the shirt?”

Nate:  “Why are his eyes open so wide like that.  He looks kind of scary.”

Me:  “I don’t know, maybe he’s trying not to blink…  The shirt… What do you think about the shirt?”

Nate:  “He makes me not want the shirt.”

Me:  “He’s just modeling the shirt.  You’re not buying him. What do you think about the shirt?”

Nate:  “How did he make it as a model?”

Me, sighing:  “Never mind… I’ll just order you something.”

I guess it’s a good thing that life isn’t about the stuff you have or the clothes you wear.   It’s about faith, memories, love, and the people around you.  It’s definitely easy to get caught up with pretty, sparkly things.  But in the end, they will be ruined… stained… or accidentally donated to Salvation Army.  😉

Life, on the other hand, is beautiful and each day should be cherished.  Just live it…Love… Laugh… and embrace each moment!  🙂  Because THAT is what truly matters!!


5 thoughts on “Floppy Hats, Male Models… and what truly matters

  1. hahaha I am sooo past shopping with my boyfriend and his son and sooo into just shopping for them. WAY easier and faster! And they prefer it! Hope you guys find a couple of nice things!

    I too enjoy your hat and I’m not a hat person at all. Love the color!

  2. Haha! I love that Nate couldn’t get past the model! Hopefully you’ll come across an amazing sale with lots of summer work-appropriate attire soon!

  3. Shopping with guys is way too much work! My boyfriend is convinced that his one pair of khaki shorts that are stained with who-knows-what from the garage are suitable for restaurants. I feel your pain with the lost wardrobe too…a few years ago my brother somehow washed a pen with his cloths and that pen somehow made it into my dryer load of work clothes…it was pretty awful.

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