Project Life

Life is hard sometimes….

Sometimes, it throws things at you and leaves you feeling shaken and over-whelmed.  I have come SO far these past few months, when it comes to dealing with the emotions left over from what happened to Nate last year.  But I’m not naïve, and I realize that there still will be the occasional rough day ahead.

After all, don’t we all have the occasional rough day??  🙂

It happened just days ago…  I was cleaning out my closet and came across a gym bag that was empty, except for a dog-eared Bible.  It was the Bible my mom had lent me that first night Nate was in the ICU.  He had been in a lot of pain that night and continuously woke in a panic, frightened by the trache tube in his throat and by his inability to speak.  So I sat by his bedside all night, reading Bible verses about God’s healing power and strength in times of weakness.

The sight of that Bible brought back a multitude of buried emotions and memories, and I just sat on the floor and cried.

Dealing with this hurt and trauma is important to my moving forward.  But so is realizing that my husband was given a second chance.  And that life is beautiful. Truly, truly beautiful.  There are so many amazing, wonderful memories being made each day… memories that I want to focus on, because they make me happy.

So when my awesome bloggy friend Janelle wrote about Project Life, I instantly knew that this is exactly what I needed to encourage me to focus on the good in my life.  In a nutshell, it’s a photo-album with slots for you to slide in photo’s; and there are colorful, whimsical cardstock sets for purchase that are perfect for journaling and added personality.

It’s basically a faster, easier form of scrapbooking.  No scissors or glue required.  Just print out your photo’s, slide them in, add the cards that came with your purchased theme, journal a bit if you’d like, and then enjoy pages filled with memories.

I finished my first page, which is bright and cheerful.  And now, starting today, it’s time for me to start filling the book with memories that make me smile.  Like Hawaii!!  (You knew I had to mention the upcoming trip somehow in this post).  😉

Project Life is a Go.  And I’m super excited to start!!  🙂


9 thoughts on “Project Life

  1. I love it!! I think I need to invest in a similar card stock for the front page…it looks amazing! 😀

    And (((hugs))) to you!! Do you realize how strong you are, the way you’ve stood tall throughout this whole thing (even through the tears!)? I hope you have a beautiful Wednesday. 😀

  2. Janelle has inspired me to start Project Life as well – and I can’t wait!! I’m just trying to finish up some other projects first. In the meantime, when I’m bored, I scroll through pics hashtagged Projectlife on Instagram. It’s fun to see so many different layouts & styles 🙂

    Enjoy it 🙂

  3. weeeeeeeeeeeee! ooooooooh! ahhhhhhh! HOORAY!!!!!! I love the kit you got, especially that teal card in the middle. I can’t wait to see what you do with PL because I know it will be fabulous and lovely just like you! WOO!!!

    The other comments here are sweet and your sister is SO RIGHT – you are so very strong and beautiful! ❤

  4. I’ve just checked it out and luckily they deliver to Europe! I’ll have to choose now which one to go for. Love the new blog look btw!

    1. Oh good! I thought of that after and was hoping that they’d deliver to Europe, if you were interested! Interesting fact… I bought my set off of the Home Shopping Network. LOL. Apparently my theme was discontinued for now, so I got it for a cheaper price!

  5. This is so cute! I love the prints on the paper… I mean, stripes, hearts, flowers, cute sayings… perfect! 🙂 I’m sure it was difficult to come across that Bible and handle the flood of emotions that came with it, but oh what a blessing that this story went so differently than the doctors predicted!

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