The Packing List

The Mister is sick now.

I feel rather sorry that I shared my germs with him so quickly.  But on the other hand, he could have been one of those people who like to wait it out for a few weeks before they decide to actually come down with the symptoms that everyone else in the house is suffering through.   And this would have been bad — very bad — as we leave for Hawaii so soon.  So if he’s going to come down with the frustratingly-nasty chest cold, then he might as well come down with it now, right?  So, yes, maybe I shared some extra-potent cold germs with him.  Maybe I am guilty as charged.

All I can say is that he’ll thank me when he’s over the cold in a couple of weeks and feeling healthy and strong, while soaking in sunshine on the beaches of Hawaii.

So to my hubby, I say that I was only trying to help.  😉

That being said, I do feel rather bad for him.  He’s kind of lost in his own little, foggy world, smiling and nodding at me when I say something.  Even though I didn’t say anything.  Or maybe I did, and I forgot what I said.

I’m still feeling a little foggy from my chest cold too.  Case in point, he and I had tickets to see former American Idol contestants in concert over the weekend.  We left in the middle of intermission, because we were falling asleep.

So I guess that it’s a good thing that we do have weeks — and not days — ahead of us to prep for the upcoming trip.  I had honestly thought that I’d be packed by now, considering the ever-growing excitement that causes me to want to do something and anything related to the trip.

Well, anything but bend down and pack a suitcase, because that just causes all the pressure to build in my ears.

So from the comfort of our couch, Nate and I decided to create a list of necessities that we should  purchase when we first land in Hawaii.  Since we’ll be staying in a Condo (which is conveniently located not too far from a Target), we thought we’d stock up on some items instead of packing them.  The end result may be a bit more expensive, but it will be a whole lot less to lug around the airport.

Convenience is everything when you don’t even have the energy to blow your nose one more time. 

Anyway, we’re well on our way to being packed.  So far on our list, we have Toothpaste.

Yep, I’m ready to go!


11 thoughts on “The Packing List

  1. HAHA! You two are so funny. I hope Nate feels better.. and you too! Good thing you guys have a few weeks before vacation to get better. LOVE the cat picture! Is that Stitchy?!

  2. Bahaha! The kitty pic was the perfect ending to this post! I love it! 😉

    I am SO excited for you guys! Hawaii is going to be SUCH an amazing trip! I am excited to hear all about the planning for it and then to see the pictures and hear the stories of your time there! Woohoo! It’ll be great! And hey, I hope you BOTH feel better SOON! Being sick is not fun!

  3. I’m big on packing light. As often as possible I will carry on. I hate having to wait for my baggage at the caroussel and I don’t trust the airlines with my baggage (especially if I don’t have a direct flight).
    I’ve become a pretty efficient packer as a result. Last summer when we went to Greece Matt and I each packed a carry-on for 2 whole weeks. The driver that brought us to the airport said “This is the least I’ve ever seen anyone pack for a two week vacation”. Win! (Though we don’t need to talk about the fact that I was running low on clothes by the last days) 😛

  4. If there is one thing I love MORE than adorable cat pictures (Stich, you say his/her name is?? SOOOOO CUTE!!!), it’s lists. And packing lists top the list of lists I love.

    Very smart idea to buy a few key things there rather than taking them. Especially things like toothpaste, which forever seem to be exploding in my luggage when I travel anywhere.

    I hope you both start feeling better ASAP!

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