Restocking the Summer Wardrobe

As you already know, my hubby accidentally donated the wrong bags of clothes to Salvation Army, resulting in about 90% of my summer wardrobe being given away.  (Read this blog post if you’re just joining us).

Soooo, I have been paying full attention to any sales that are going on and have been hitting the clearance racks pretty faithfully as of late.  🙂  I’m fairly certain that I’m probably the only New Englander who is relieved that the weather has stayed a bit chilly so far.  What can I say?  One more chilly day means I have one extra day to restock my wardrobe before the warmer weather hits.

I haven’t had too much luck finding office-appropriate clothes yet, although I did purchase this mint-green top from The Limited.  Mint is one of the IN colors this year, and I’m honestly not usually a huge fan.  But I tried on this shirt, and the slightly darker shade of the normally pastel color was instantly a huge hit.  I love how silky and cool the material will feel in the summer, how versatile it is with its ability to be paired with a blazer or fashion scarf, and how it was on sale for only $15!  🙂

Speaking of fashion scarves, I have been scouring clearance racks and online sales for them, in the hopes that I can add them to my limited shirt collection… giving me the ability to easily change looks.  I found the tropical-pink scarf at New York and Company for only $10, the blue scarf beneath it was $15 from the Gap, and the last blue scarf was also $15 from the Loft.  (That last scarf is both striped and floral, which sounds weird, but it’s actually quite beautiful and interesting.  So kudo’s to the designer for taking that combination risk, because I love it!!).

Also from the Loft, I purchased several of these adorable T’s for only $12 each, instead of the $30 they usually sell for.  (Thank goodness for spring stock-up sales). These T’s are very light, fit perfectly, and can be dressed up or down, depending on the pants, shorts, or scarves they’re paired with.

Plus they come in so many fun colors… including mint AND coral, both of which are this year’s IN colors!  🙂

Last but not least, I bought this $75 purse from The Limited for $30 on clearance.  I actually don’t have any summery purses, which isn’t my hubby’s fault. I just don’t have any, because I rarely put money towards them. This navy-blue purse is one of my favorite colors, is roomy with plenty of storage, and is appropriate for casual or the office.

So I’m well on my way to restocking that wardrobe.  Now if only I could find some clothes for work, because I don’t think I can call out of work with the excuse that I don’t have an outfit to wear.  😉

It’s getting there!!  🙂


13 thoughts on “Restocking the Summer Wardrobe

    1. I’ve tried a few times, but I never really had luck finding anything for the office. On the other hand, maybe I could buy back a few of MY outfits that hadn’t sold yet. 😉 LOL!!!

  1. Was this all from one shopping trip? I usually try on 30 pieces and might end up with one. Sad. I’m so happy you’re finding things that work at the right price

  2. I have to admit – I’m a little jealous! Don’t get me wrong – I understand that losing an entire wardrobe stinks…but as a shopaholic, I would enjoy being able to say “I NEED to go shopping” as opposed to all of the unnecessary shopping I do “just because”. Of course – my wallet wouldn’t enjoy it…
    Oh, and I recommend trying Kohl’s and Old Navy. Kohl’s has ridiculous deals (esp. if you have a coupon) and Old Navy has great basics (many that can be dressed up or down).
    Good luck, and enjoy!

  3. You are doing an amazing job of restocking your wardrobe. I should not be surprised–you’re a master shopper! Love these finds so far.

  4. Cute pieces! You are definitely well on your way to rebuilding your summer wardrobe. 🙂 I agree with Amy – checking Kohls is a great idea! And Target would be my fav. 😉 Their clearance rack is excellent. I’m not normally a huge floral person, but that scarf with the stripes too – actually really cute! I would totally wear that. 🙂

  5. Woo hoo for your restock! You’ve got some cute clothes! I really love the color of the first shirt. I bet it will look amazing on you and really make your eyes stand out 🙂

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