Today, terror and hate hit just a little too close to home…

My beloved Boston was hit by two explosions that tore through the finish line of the Boston marathon.  Two victims have lost their lives and many are still fighting to live.  The images on the television break my heart.  To see those streets that I have walked so many times lined with such carnage leaves me speechless.

My heart goes out to Boston.  I pray for safety and comfort for the victims and their families.  I pray that whoever was sick enough to do this will be caught and will be forced to face justice.  I pray that those I know who are stuck in the city now will be able to leave soon and safely.

I know that Boston is a strong town filled with very strong people.  I know that Americans are going to come together and stand tall.  And I know that whoever did this will not win.  I love how the news channels are commending the police, doctors, and even just bystanders who came together to quickly take care of the wounded.  I love this because it takes the focus away from whoever did this… It takes away from the fear and panic these terrorists wanted to cause, and it brings strength to those who will overcome.

God bless America!!!



4 thoughts on “Boston

  1. Beautiful message – what a tragic event. I completely agree – every second that the media spends focusing on the blessings that citizens are providing in this time of need is a second not spent on the fear and the panic and the hate that the attack was likely intended to provoke.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Boston and America tonight.

  2. I love the way you wrote this. As one of the spokespeople in the news last night stated, this doesn’t bring out weakness in America, it brings out strength. America stands tall.

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