Bloggers Like Us – Welcome Spring

The Recap:

Once a month, I post a segment called Bloggers Like Us.  In it, I propose a question, asking for a picture of one of your favorite things, spots, memories, or foods.  Then, if you choose to participate (which I truly hope you will!!!), you will just need to post a picture on your blog to answer the question by a designated time.  (You can even include a short paragraph or sentence as a caption).

And then, when I post the next Bloggers Like Us segment, I include all of your pics, and we’ll get to know even more about each other. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!


This Month’s Challenge:

Post a pic of one of your favorite parts of spring or whatever makes you think of spring.  Anything could go, from foods, to fashion, to plants, to pets!


Allison from A Window into My World

Loves the new life that comes with spring… which usually means a new litter of kittens for her cat!_MG_8318

How precious is that little face?



Livvy from A Year in the Life

Captured these beautiful flowers, which survived the not-so-spring weather conditions in her corner of the globe.  They definitely sing that spring is on the way!



Rach from This Italian Family

Welcomed spring with open arms!  Seeds for a garden, the summer-inspired colors of Baby Lips lip-balm, Garden Sunshine air-freshener, and the sunshiney scents of Forever Sunshine and Butterfly Gardens lotions.

(Does anyone else pull out summery scents and sprays once the warmer weather hits?  I sure do!!).


This wasn’t a part of her post to welcome spring, so I hope Rach doesn’t mind if I share…  But check out her flower garden!  If that doesn’t sing of spring, sunshine, and warmer weather, then I don’t know what does!  🙂

The colors just make me so happy!

flower bed


Amy at a Desert Girl

Also shared a gorgeous photo of springtime flowers to welcome springtime.  Amy wrote, ” It definitely means spring has arrived when those little buds and delicate flowers begin to grace the limbs.  It’s like they’re tapping winter gently on the shoulder and saying, ‘For everything there is a season, but I’ll take it from here’.”

I have to say that this is probably one of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen.



Janelle from The 20 What

Has to deal with the allergy side of things during this pollen-laden season, so her appreciation of the season is all out of love for her kitty.  Janelle wrote, “What makes me smile about Spring is seeing Gavin enjoy it so much. Before I leave for work, I put up our blinds and immediately see a flash of fur sprint by and hop onto the window sill. Gavin loves watching the birdies and squirrels. (Actually, I think he likes watching anything that moves). I pet him and sing “how much is that Gavin in the window? meow meow!” and I’m pretty sure if he could speak, he’d tell me to get to work already.”

Gavin in the window

Wow, I am SO relieved that I am not the only one who sings to cats!!  🙂


Samantha from Samantha Menzies —

Loves that spring means she can go outside without a jacket and worrying about developing a case of hypothermia.  Oh, yes, and then there’s the return of mini Cadbury eggs.

Mini Eggs

She is so awesome that she is wearing stripes AND a scarf that matches her dessert.  Enough said.  She is just that awesome.  🙂

(Except I have to add that I have never eaten a mini Cadbury egg… and now I am wondering what I might be missing out on, because I love the large-sized ones).


Sarah from The Simple Dietition

Loves the first iced coffee of the season… because that means warmer weather is on the way.

She also went out for icecream… which means she’s getting ready for summer too.  (It also means that I’m sort of jealous that I haven’t gone for an icecream yet).  😉


Amy from Amy’s Sandblog

Included a list of fun, spring things that I had to share because I appreciate and look forward to them too:  “Opening the windows & letting the fresh air in, longer days, back to bikeriding, fresh flowers, walking to lunch, spending time outside landscaping & (re)starting our veggie garden, more of my favorite fruits coming into season, lighter (or no) jackets (because like Samantha she doesn’t want hyperthermia)…


…and GREEN!”

I love that bottom left pick of the front lawn.  (I just have to make sure that my hubby doesn’t see it, because I think he might get upset that our lawn never looks that lush).  😉



Gina from Millions of Suns —

Finds joy in the spring colors that come with the new season’s wardrobe.  She wrote, “I seem to have a well-stocked winter wardrobe, but for some reason, I am never satisfied with my warm weather clothes. So, even though I cannot wait to pull out a few favorites, when I get an inkling that spring is in the air, it is time to shop!”


I agree!  It’s time to search for flip flops and lots of colorful tops.


And last but not least… ME!  🙂  Actually, I could have written any one of your posts, because you all captured the things that I love about spring too!!!

So my spring-inspired love is leisurely walks around a nearby campground with my hubby!  Once spring hits, we only need light vests instead of heavy jackets.  The sun starts to dry up the ground and the breeze gets warmer.

It’s a favorite Sunday activity of mine!  🙂

Thank you SO much, everyone, for participating!  What GREAT spring posts and pics!!!  🙂  It made me even happier that spring is finally here!


10 thoughts on “Bloggers Like Us – Welcome Spring

  1. YAY Spring!!! Now what is up with this 25 degree New England weather??? Haha! Those flowers are making me jealous. But it is supposed to reach 70 this week…let’s keep our fingers crossed! 😀

    LOVED seeing everyone’s posts!!!

  2. I’m still kind of waiting for spring. What’s up with the weather this year? I think we’ll just jump straight from winter to summer.

    Also, you’ve never had mini eggs before?! Oh my goodness you’re missing out. They’re nothing like cadbury creme eggs.They’re more like M&M’s except egg shaped, made with better chocolate, and with a higher chocolate-to-candy shell ratio. So good.

  3. I need to add to Samantha’s shock …really? Never had a mini-egg?? They’re sooo good (& addicting). I’ve been munching from a clearance bag stowed away in my desk drawer since Easter. In addition to Samantha’s description, I’d add that their shell is also a somewhat chalky (in a good way) which makes them crispier and more satisfying than M&Ms. YUM!

    Thanks for doing this challenge!! It was fun to share and read what others appreciate about Spring 🙂 Happy Spring everyone!

    1. Thank you so much! We are all safe! (My brother usually runs it, but he didn’t this year. Which is a good thing, because if he had, my parents and sister probably would have been at the finish line, as usual).

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