The First Award Ceremony and a Date in Boston – Part 3

I kind of — sort of –have a confession to make.

I just recently bought myself a new camera.  Yeah, I know, I know. I should be putting every single spare penny — and then some — towards that summer wardrobe which needs major attention.

In my defense, I ordered the camera the day before I found out about ‘the incident’.  😉  (For those of you who are  just joining, the wrong bag of clothes was donated to Salvation Army, so I now have a summer wardrobe to completely restock).

When Nate suggested that we each should use a portion of our tax returns for a fun purchase, I instantly knew that I wanted a camera.  Of course, once I found out that 90% of my summer wardrobe had been dropped off at Salvation Army months ago, I seriously contemplated returning my new toy.  But Nate refused to let me return it and said that we’ll make sure that I have clothes to wear… and the camera.


And who am I to argue with my husband??

Okay, fine.  He didn’t have to push me very hard.  I really, really didn’t want to return the camera.  😉


Soooo, anyway, Nate had suggested that we go to a nice mall on the way home from Quincy so that I could buy some clothes.  Which brings me to my next confession…  I told him that I wanted to go to the zoo instead, so that I could practice using my new camera.    (After all, it’s manual, so it’s going to take some getting used to and lots of photography lessons from my sister).

And honestly, I just really, really wanted to go to the zoo.


To me, the zoo is the perfect date.  You’re just walking around in the sunshine, chatting about the day, strolling through lush greenery, making faces at monkeys, and pretending to ride an extra large ostrich.  I mean, seriously, does it get any better than that?


Exactly!  I didn’t think so either.

Speaking of Nate (which brings me to my third confession… this post is going to be all over the place), he has discovered a love of photography himself.  Although he isn’t quite ready to admit it yet.  But I can tell that it’s there.

I begged him to carry around my point-and-shoot camera, in the chance that I might completely mess up every photo I was taking with my new camera.  And then I begged him to take some pictures of his own, because — hey — it would be fun.


It was a little interesting at first, I have to admit.  He was the one telling me to pose in different places, which was kind of odd since I usually play director.  He also has a rather interesting sense of what is artsy.  Like in that pic below…   Apparently the very large, headless vulture at the top left of the picture is supposed to be creative genius or something like that.

Personally, I just find it creepy.  😉


But then he took this amazing shot of a mama gorilla lifting up her baby gorilla.  And I told him that he had missed his calling as a photographer for National Geographic.

Is that not the cutest picture ever?

Who knew that gorilla’s could be so adorable?

I mean, seriously, I might want one.


I probably wouldn’t mind having a zebra either.  They were looking quite classy in their stripes, as usual.  See, I’m not the only one who wears stripes every single day.


Anyway, one animal that I wanted to get a picture of was a goat, because I know how much my sister loves them.  On my way to the petting zoo portion, I came across this quirky character who is apparently on the search to find his lost family.


And sadly, it seems as though the goats were lost too… or stored away for the winter.

So I guess my sister will have to settle for this.

Yeah, you’re right, that is the scariest goat ever.


7 thoughts on “The First Award Ceremony and a Date in Boston – Part 3

  1. Bahaha!!! Best goat ever! :mrgreen:

    And I’m so glad you got the camera because we’ll have so many fun photo outing opportunities now. Like a mini paparazzi. 😉

  2. Aww you guys! haha. I feel like every comment I leave is some form of “you guys are so cute!” But it’s true!! And I love that Nate is supportive and spoils you 😉 I agree that he could be onto something with his photography skillz!

  3. I love the zoo too, but sometimes it makes me feel a bit sad for the animals.
    That’s so exciting that you’ve got a new camera! I’d love to have a fancy camera but I’d rather spend my money on vacations (and then take crappy pictures of them, I guess)

    1. Hmmm, vacations are DEFINITELY better than fancy cameras! (Also, have you heard of Picasso? It’s a free picture-editing software online. I use it all the time for my point-and-shoot camera and you can really make pics look amazing, no matter what type of camera was used).

  4. That picture of the gorillas ——> cutest ever. K and I’s second date was to the zoo, so I have a special appreciation for that date idea. It’s laid back, entertaining, and you can learn so much about someone based on what their favorite animals.

  5. AH!! New camera!!! So exciting! I got one last year as my joint birthday/Christmas gift and I have LOVED playing with it! You guys look like you had the best time playing with the camera at the zoo. Nate’s creative genius with the headless vulture made me laugh. 😉 Cute shot of you, though! 🙂

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