The First Award Ceremony and a Date in Boston – Part 2

On Friday, I had to work the first portion of the day, so Nate picked me up from the office so that we could rush straight to the hotel.  Because it was casual Friday, I left work in a pair of jeans, leather boots, and a sweater.

Nate, on the other hand, was waiting for me in the car and looking quite dapper and sophisticated.


I teasingly protested that something was wrong with this picture, as it was my job to be the fashionable one of the family.  😉  Then he handed me a steamed vanilla soy from Starbucks, and all was right with the world.  What can I say? I can be bought…

  And what girl doesn’t like a sunny drive into the city with a handsome guy and a soothing Starbucks beverage? 


Thanks to traffic, we arrived at the hotel a bit later than expected, but thankfully in enough time for me to get ready for the banquet.  Neither Nate or I had ever stayed at a Hyatt before, so we were interested in how it would compare to the hotel chains we usually frequent.  I’m not sure if they all come with cool room-dividers and modern light-fixtures, but this hotel room was definitely roomy and inviting, as far as hotels go.

(Anyone else feel like a little kid when the hotel room door is opened for the first time?  I always have to check out the room and do a bit of exploring).  😉


This particular ceremony was semi-formal, so a nice dress was a must.  I bought this dress last year from JCPenny during a sale and the short jacket is from Dress Barn.


(I later brought to Nate’s attention that a fire-pole is sticking out of my arm in this picture.  Nate told me that he thought the pole was really cool and added something artsy to the picture.  So there you go…). 😉

Anyway, that classic shot was quickly followed by this ‘classy’ one…

Oh wait…

Here we go.  That’s better.


The Ceremony itself was very special.  There was a write-up about the danger that Nate and his fellow officers had faced and how they ignored their own personal safety to protect each other.  When Nate received his award, I wanted to burst with pride.

Oh, how I love him!!  🙂

(…to be continued)


8 thoughts on “The First Award Ceremony and a Date in Boston – Part 2

  1. I love your hair!! Did you curl the bottom part? It has such a nice wispy wave. 😀

    You guys both look great!! It’s so nice to see such positive things come out of this whole experience. 😀

    1. My hairdresser actually did that! I stopped by the salon on the way to the hotel, because I haven’t had a trim in AGES. And she was like, “Wait, don’t you have a banquet to go to? You need ‘something’ more than a trim done.” But I was on a crazy time restraint, so she just added some big curls and then ran her hands through it. By the time of the banquet, my hair had a lite wave to it. I’m going to have to practice doing it myself, because it did give my hair extra volume.

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