Seeing stripes… Again

One of my besties — Liz — bought a house up the street from me not-so-long ago, and living so close has given her and I the perfect excuse to go bargain shopping together when the shopping itch strikes.  After all, driving down to TJ Maxx is so much more fun when you have a gal-pal to share the drive with.  And since she and I are both on budgets — like pretty much the rest of America — we’ve found that stopping by TJ Maxx at least once a month usually ends with a few great purchases for some low prices….

like this adorable blazer that Liz found for under $25!  It fit her perfectly and had just the right blend of classy and sassy.  Love, love, love!!

And then there were my finds….

Sooo, it didn’t take very long into our bargain shopping trip before I found myself once again attracted to and mesmerized by… stripes.  Everything I picked up seemed to have the same pattern.

Why?  Why can I not say ‘no’ to stripes???

Liz suggested I try to find some solid colors, and so I tried.  Really, I did.  But I’m just completely addicted to stripes.  And apparently, all of my gushing over them is contagious, because Liz started to come down with the bug…

I kind of hope she finds the cure so that she can share it with me.,. and preferably before I start to paint the walls of my house with stripes.  😉


I didn’t buy all 9 striped shirts that I dragged into the dressing room with me, I promise!  I did buy this striped sundress that is so comfy and was on sale for $16.99.

And Liz and I both found ‘Just Taylor’ dresses,  hers in polka dots and mine in…

Well, yeah, I guess no explanation is needed there.

Anyone else want to join Striped Anonymous with me?


9 thoughts on “Seeing stripes… Again

  1. I like stripes too. They came my way long ago because my favourite designer Jean Paul Gaultier was always dressed in a striped white and blue sailor blouse.

  2. Haha, in your defense, you DO look really good in stripes. 😉

    I honestly don’t think I have more than one shirt with stripes! I do have two polka dot shirts…but most of my shirts are solid because I’m *always* wearing a scarf and it just works out better for me! 😀

  3. Oh girl, you know I am definitely with you on this one! I have such an affinity for stripes that it’s ridiculous, haha! For the commercial shoot this weekend they asked us to wear solid colors (no stripes or plaid) and it was hilarious for Christopher and I to go through our closets and attempt to find anything that wasn’t stripes or plaid, haha! Love your striped sundress! So cute!

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